The demise of the F3822

I can’t imagine any potential employer being interested in flicking through a 3822 during an interview.


Especially not with the state that most 3822’s are actually in.

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…comment inside saying “replacement book after first was washed” which i have seen on more than one occasion i guess in an attempt to excuse gaps in entries

I’m not an expert, but…

Is it not possible for the SMS to automatically export all of the event data contained within the SMS into a PDF, and email it to the private email address of the cadet concerned when they are discharged?

That way every cadet gets a document with their service dates, promotions, flights, Shooting details, events, awards etc that they can keep and print when needed, without the RAFAC paying for it.

Isn’t that what Casey CV does?

The last time I printed a cadet CV, it ran to about 12 pages, and it looked like each activity triggered a paragraph of guff about the transferable skills that that activity gave you, rather than just a list of awards/activities.

Good point.

Why did that happen? The 3822 should have been rewritten to contain the A and H stuff. Simples.

at a guess there was no specific consent form for individual events.
what proof/indication was there that parents to Cdt Jones gave permission for them to attend? (on the basis that dropping them off at “oh my its early o’clock” on Sunday morning wasn’t consent)

So the consent forms came in, although for their whole time how they should be used for was as rigid as a Kleenex after a full cycle in a washing machine - some said for everything, others said everything Wing did, some said only what Staff can claim on a F80 for. some changed their minds month to month, when the policy over ever indicated for AT, overnight events and sports but worded in such as way these were not the only activities

ironically thanks to James Elliot and his team, the SMS/Cadet Portal system now shows clearly what events need consent forms and we could revert back to the 3822 which indicates a general consent within the early pages

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I’ve seen hundreds over the years the majority with an array of signatures/initials which show a personal history of the individual over their time in the organisation. I love getting a scribbled list of things for me to initial. We’ve got a cadet about to age out, who has written in “other activities” … pandemic Mar20 to Jul 21 … which I signed off. I like the humour.

The problem is US adults who have become jaded. We’ve had electronic/on;ine foist upon us and then people have pushed for forms etc to be ‘electronic’ / online which as I say is cold, soul less and easily lost for any number of reasons, one of which is ‘updates’ thrust upon us by software companies etc. HQAC see this and pass it on to their paymasters who think it’s what everyone wants extolling the cheapness. I wonder what happens if cadets don’t download the application and don’t say they don’t have that option. I would not insist on cadets having it if they didn’t want to, just because some overpaid wallah thinks they should.

as have i…but in the recent 5 years versus the 5 year prior to that there has been a demise in their use

I’ve been signing off things all the time except in the last 18 months.
But we tend to remind cadets to put things in as it is an important part of their time as a cadet.

Apologies - off topic - but when you mention CI m’ship cards are you referring those within Unit Admin, Graphics on Bader or is there another way? I have attempted to order via this route (both pre and post lockdowns) but to no avail. The orders show on the system but I’ve never received anything.

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From what I understand the Graphics team at Cranwell haven’t been able to log into SMS for a long time to process the orders. It’s the same for First Class Logbooks. I’ve been told it’s being looked into.

Hope there’s a new foreword by new CAC :roll_eyes:

Many thanks for that, I have 2 lots showing on my “Downloaded Orders”, one in Jul 21 and another in the spring. I am sure I also submitted an order well before lockdown but needless to say that no longer shows. As with many things on Bader, things seem to be archived/deleted after a finite time. I found this particularly annoying re discharged cadets - cdt discharged spring 2020, no opportunity to return uniform, F2F resumed, cdt no longer on Bader so no record of contact details on Bader. Fortunately still have his paper 3822A to get his/parents’ conatct details but that’s a dig into a dusty cabinet. Also, can’t do a CV for him either. When we no longer have the paper version we will be stuck. If said cadet becomes famous (or infamous lol) then no opportunity to recall/verify his sqn history or for him to “and I still have my 3822”. I think AVM James still has his (may be wrong lol)

You can still email Cranwell Graphics and request print jobs.
PM me your Bader Email and I can send you the address.

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Say what now?

you heard me :rofl:

Can you send to me also please. Don’t think lt would take a genius to work out my email