The Cluster at the Muster

Well just had an email advising that the SMS event is now live (in draft) at Squadron Management System - I need cookies!

of course it is still in Draft, and 0 staff and 111 cadets at time of writing . . .

There’s 117 staff and 786 cadets bidding on the one I can see?

I tried to click on cadets and now SMS has straight-up died on me! What an absolute piss take that the first I hear about this (other than on here) was via Facebook a couple days ago.

Am I meant to push this to CP? How are my cadets going to get there if they get a place? I’m in bloody Sussex. It’s like a 4 hour drive.

I’m wondering if there are two musters - because we’ve known about it here for a couple of months.

a friend of mine in another Wing told me that they have picked up places from a Wing which couldn’t commit and thus backed out…
The Wing then made a song and dance about getting the message out in short time given the notice (this week) only to then back out and cancel the Wing’s attendance as the “central transport organised by Wing” in fact cannot be organised and approved in time… :clap:well done everyone :roll_eyes:

That might just be a CoC issue. I’m talking about the one on the 11 Sep at RAF Cosford. (opsec I know…) (not opsec actually as it’s already all over Facebook)

I heard a mention of it here about 2 months ago, but have to date, heard nothing official. The first official thing I saw was yesterday (22 hours ago) on the RAFAC Facebook page saying national muster incl L&SER.

Today there has finally been an SMS invitation. However all that SMS application has is a document dated 30th July which has no real details in it.

Do I push this to cadet portal?

Nope, it’s definitely the same one. Just very poorly / not advertised in lots of places.

That would be most unusual.

I don’t think it’ll let you unless your unit is already added by the organiser. Might be wrong, though.

Ah fair enough - I’ve not really been involved in co-ordinating anything for it on my unit so not fully in the loop, but there was a transport plan for my Wing sent out about two weeks ago that I saw.

All of Sussex has now been invited, so I have the option to push to CP. But I know nothing about how the cadets will get there?


Your Wing Aviation Officer should have been in the loop. If they’ve not set up a centralised travel option, then don’t bother, more aggro than its worth.

Of course, you should then create aggro about why they haven’t.

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This is what I want to do. If we are going to miss out on what looks like a great day out for the cadets, I’m going to cause a fuss. Currently trying to get hold of my OC to see if he knew anything about it before I make myself look like a tit.


everyone’s on it like a hot rash aren’t they 🤷 I’ll have been looking at a slightly out of date local cache.

I still can’t even load the full list of cadets. Errors out every time :sweat_smile:

I’ve pushed it to Cadet Portal explicitly saying that Transport should be provided but details are not known yet.
LaSER have said they will be organising coaches as a region.

Is this for sure? I don’t want to push it and disappoint.

Not visible for me on my Wing role account.

first email I got said “RHQ will book all the coaches and will advise timings and pick up points in due course. A full admin order will be issued hopefully this week. Bids and selection will be via cadet portal.”

We were told today officially.

Friday afternoon departure (wheels up time not specified). This means Cadets will have to ask for time off school. Given that some aren’t returning till mid next week, and most schools need a week’s notice, it won’t happen. We struggle with permitted absence in some LEAs and academy groups as it is.

And which school in their right mind is going to give a kid the afternoon off on a Friday in the first week(s) back?