The best gig I’ve been to or band i’d love to see is…

Simple really, what the best live gig you’ve ever been to and/or who would you love to see or have seen?

Best gig… Probably Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes or Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls in Southampton.

Always been gutted I’d never see Nirvana

Second this one. Amazing show.

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Rammstein at Download a few years ago. By far the best performance I’ve seen!

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First ever gig was Rammstein! Incredible


I saw the Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes they were immense.

The best gig I’ve ever been to was probably Aerosmith in Las Vegas on the 4th July, they were brilliant.

Honourable mention for Tenacious D at Brixton Academy, it was probably one of the funniest nights of my life!

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First Gig - Nickleback (don’t judge… actually a very good gig)

Blink 182 were excellent but Aerosmith at Hyde Park in 08’ beat them to the post.

Looking forward to Foo Fighters next year… and I guess The Weeknd (but that’s Ms. Vz choice)

Blink are great live!

Foo Fighters at Wembley!

I should also add as a humble brag that I’m seeing some great bands this weekend. Madness, The Kooks, The Streets, Royal Blood and a load more. Should be a good weekend! :smiley:

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First; Incubus
Best; Foos at T in the Park

First: Biffy Clyro
Best: Weird Al!

Throw back!

First gig was the Smurfs.
First proper gig was Michael Jackson History tour at Wembley Stadium.
Best gig was Greenday (supported by Hard-Fi, TBS & Jimmy R World) at Milton Keynes in 05.

Most want to see the Ataris, mainly because I keep getting tickets and then something going wrong. Got tickets again for October

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I’ve seen Madness a couple of times they used to always do Christmas gigs they were really good.

First band I ever saw were Whetus in Camden at The Astoria. (Blood Crossrail).

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Funnily enough I’ve seen them before in Brighton for a Christmas gig :stuck_out_tongue: It was a great evening.

1st gig - Cher 1990 Birmingham

Best Gig - hard to choose

  • Dire Straits - better live than on record if that is possible
  • Eric Clapton at Albert Hall - 92 and 2014ish - never know what you are going to get but always amazing
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela - Royal Albert Hall - 2 guitars amazing show
  • Pink Floyd - Earls Court 94 I think - started with Shine on you Crazy Diamond and 2nd half of show Dark Side of the Moon start to finish :open_mouth:
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The Wurzels at the Hobbit in Southampton were always a good night out


but not as good as Gary-oke…

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How could I have forgotten that legend?

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