TG Forms, Policy on when required?


Well at least I now know who caused the WExO to have to write another snot-o-gram to the wing!
Pity he didn’t answer the question in the FOI during his whine!


My wing too eh? Yeah, can you imagine getting that answer through the chain of command?


The FOI reply:

A search for the information has now been completed within the Ministry of Defence, and I
can confirm that information in scope of your request is not held.

However, under Section 16 of the Act (Advice and Assistance) you may find it useful to know
that, while there is no central policy document, each activity has its own policy document
outlining the requirement for consent forms for that particular activity.

Hmmm, to put the feline creature amongst the “flying rats with wings,” who is going to ask for an example of each policy document for each separate RAFAC activity…? :wink:


But that suggests that every activity has a document. Which we know isn’t the case. The request merely highlights what we all know there is no overarching policy on a ‘key’ document.


So, who is going to ask under FoI…?? :japanese_goblin:


Been waiting 6 months for a reply to an email to a very very simple question.


He doesn’t do simple questions.


The problem is seat warming civil servants are unlikely to give a view as it could be career suicide to do so and they’re not allowed to have an opinion. I’ve asked too many questions of too many Wing HQ staff over the years, which has been time that I’m never going to get back.


Part of an FoI response


That Annex A list is SHORT.

  • Camps
  • Junior Leaders
  • AT
  • FT
  • Flying

Surely, this will prompt a proper policy. Or my wing are not getting them for a lot of activities from now on.


Interesting, we don’t use the TG forms for flying as they have their own AvMed. We basically require a TG for any non-flying activity or event that isn’t a regular parade night.


I would also want the policy to be much clearer on storage of TG21s, Do we need to? How long do we need to if we do? How do we store them? Can we store them electronically? Can we scan them and attach them to an application on SMS?

I would wager that the correct length of time to store a TG21 is until the individual cadet is 21. (The 3 year limitation for personal injuries on children doesn’t start to run until their 18th birthday.)


[quote]Additionally, every Air Cadet is provided with a RAF
Form 3822: Cadet Record of Service Book. This book contains a generic
parental consent form for participation in strenuous physical activity and also a parental ‘consent to flying’ form.[/quote]

Why isn’t this enough? Other than annual camp as a cadet mum and dad never filled out any other consent forms for anything I did, we had our 3822. I know as I’ve asked them. The only thing we really need is additional contacts, but in this day and age where people live with their phones, even abroad you can contact parents or carers.


The TG-21 in combination with one or more TG-23’s covers medical conditions that may not be otherwise known and there is nowhere in the 3822 where they are asked about. The TG-21 also provides a physical copy of emergency contact details for every cadet in one place should anything go wrong.


IF the emergency contact details are correct - many parents / guardians use a standard form that may not have been updated for a while. Equally, as discussed before, some parents / guardians can be “forgetful” about some medical conditions if they think it will preclude little Johnny / Josephine from taking part across the board.

If cadets (all or just a few) are away from a central camp location, with one becoming sick or injured, then do all the forms get taken away for the event’s activities? I doubt it. In the worst case, major accident travelling to/from an event / camp, would the forms (if co-located) be available / readable? I doubt it. A 3822 with each cadet is by far & away the most practical solution. Many cadets (& adults!) can’t even remember relevant contact 'phone numbers anyway - all stored on their own 'phone. I suggest to all cadets that their emergency contact information should be always on their 'phone - just in case of any event, at cadets or otherwise.


Never mind a cadet not knowing their telephone number, I have had it where a cadet didn’t know their own address…


When I run a camp a copy of the TG21 will travel with ic minibus/coach. Likewise when groups go off the Flight Commander will have a sealed envelope with a copy of all their cadets forms.


TG21 not required for flying only Av med form 1.

Av med gives much more detailed information on specific conditions which may result in a further form being filled out (6424) after an assessment by the GP.


And an Av Med form 1 will not be much use when you take a cadet to hospital.


Looking at that Annex A again, actually most of the consent form requirements are the 3822. The amount of policy documents which specifically require a TG21 is actually tiny.