Tailored Uniform

I know people usually tailor their 1s to fit, but I’d like to see who had tailored 2s or 3s. I’m only s CI at the minute but I do have a nice smock for my 3s, after tailoring of course.
Before the uniform Nazis and uniform pendants creep up, there’s many people in the regular forces who do this.

The before

The after

I personally wouldn’t worry so would say its a personal choice. Is this for when / if you go into uniform? My understanding is that CIs are not allowed to wear any uniform whilst on ATC/CCF duty?

I belive they can wear uniform if involved with fieldcraft stuff. But that’s just a bit silly, wear some sensible civies! (With the exception of using a rifle on training areas where uniform is compulsory). But generally, of you want to wear a uniform, then become an SNCO/officer…

My smock is tailored. I stitched a set of knitted cuffs in, removed the mesh from the zip pockets and replaced it with material, and put zips on the handwarmer pockets.

Then the MK2 smock came out and incorporated all of those alterations bar the cuffs…

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Yeah it’s for when I go into uniform

I’ve had my MTP and Wedgewood shirts tailored as they are way to big around the mid-rift.

The fit is much better and only cost me about £10 each.

That used to be a lot more common. These days I guess that people are just accepting of the off-the-peg nature of our uniform; or less inclined to pay any money towards making it better.

EDIT - Although… Now that I think about it, I dare say actually that there are probably a lot of people who would never consider that it’d be acceptable.
I do get a not insignificant number of questions (on various topics) which are rooted in “I didn’t think we’d be allowed” or “I thought there would probably be some regulation about that but can’t find anything…” Uniform adjustments like this could likely be one of those areas.

Not to be a pedant but the word is ‘midriff’. Your spelling seems to be very common these days…

When it comes to CS95 and now PCS there are so many different versions of a Jacket, or shirt, or other layer that it isn’t unusual to have someone on a range day wearing something someone hasn’t seen before as they are keen on greens and get the real gucci stuff.

I don’t care if it has an additional pocket or tailored addition - I might notice but I’d assume it was just another style that is available.
Providing it remained functional then to hell with the regs.

There is nothing in AP1358C to say we can wear jumpers or other useful “outer layers”, but that doesn’t mean I get the SNCOs to kick up a fuss about it

It actually says all the ancils from CS95 can be used whilst stocks last, and most of the current issue PCS-MTP is permitted.
So it is only the OG jumper and the UBACs that aren’t.

I wear my OG jumper

On top or underneath?

RIFLES wear them anyway with MTP trousers, barrack shirt and tie. We used to have an ex-regular officer who liked to wear that as barrack dress. (A young one, came straight to us from regular service, so he wore exactly that in his last Adjt posting.)

The tie is a new one.

Our local reserves do barrack shirt & jumper. When they have a multi regiment event it seems there’s a different jumper for each regiment or corps present.

Over my Barrack shirt. My squadron building is freezing, but I don’t like working in a smock inside.

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Actually I think it was a white shirt not a barrack shirt, thinking about it. He left nearly 6 months ago and we’ve not paraded as much as we might have just before that…

Rifles Officer Barrack dress would be a white shirt with black buttons, MTP trousers, and green jumper in winter, sleeves rolled up in summer. Usually worn with a side cap or beret.

That’s it. Side cap in his case.

Most Rifles Officers seem to own one, although god knows why when buying them they seem unable to find one that fits properly