Survey results


Apologies if I have simply missed the notification…but have we had the results back from that survey we did earlier in the year?

If not, is it due soon?


Are you refering to the Sports Survey?

If so, no I don’t believe we have seen any results.

There was the other survey asking about satisfaction with the organisation… at local/wing/region/HQAC…

I haven’t seen results although I can imagine the likely outcome;

Morale relatively low, confidence decreasing the further up the chain you get… generally happy with fellow volunteers on the whole, generally unhappy with anything past wing level… not happy with communication, generally ok with systems such as SMS, not happy with how information is cascaded down. What’s happened to the space syllabus? And for Christ’s sake after “committing” to it so many times will you please reduce the admin burden! (SMS/Cadet portal helping, but LOTS more to be done)… finally make it more inspiring for people to want to move into uniform. Sort out gliding and more AEF and shooting required before the army cadets looks more attractive than we are…

I may have got the temperature of the room wrong here though! I’ll soon find out!

Ducks for cover

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This one?

I’ve not seen results.

Should probably keep to that thread for more detailed discussion.

Lets hope they actually take note of the returns this time.I ll not hold my breath though.

New commandant soon. So I’m sure it will be used as the results to push whatever message of hope he wants.

Yet again, we have spent time doing the survey and we still haven’t had the results…what’s the point in everyone having wasted their time doing it, if we won’t see the results…who was it that actually made the survey?

I’m sure this will trigger a FOI request from someone lurking the forum. Seems to be a trend of recent

That would be lovely!

Just realised they way I’ve typed that makes it looks like I will…I’m far too lazy to do that!

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Not even four months from it closing, with Covid in between. I’m guessing they have not finished analysing it. Any FOI would be refused surely on grounds of “intention to publish in the future”


My thoughts too. We can’t expect instant action at the best of times, let alone right now.

I’m not interested enough for that.


Exactly we all know how we feel and know the land lies above us

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@GoodEgg Have you been peeking at the responses? Or is it you’ve been a CFAV for more than 5 minutes.

The last 2 months have rendered the survey useless in terms of what we want to see happen and TBH until we get out of this current mess and know what we can/can’t do, especially wrt how long distancing remains a thing, we will effectively be treading water. Although remarks ref anything above Wing will remain extant. I do find it mystifying that some things are still shown as continuing on s/point, unless they’ve been too lazy to remove them.

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Sadly if it’s a regular I fear a message of “8 more years, building on the successes of my predecessor”.

God no.tenor


New CAC - Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

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I would have thought the opposite; plenty of admin time to look in depth at issues such as these (including whatever is going to be come of ACTO35). With all cadet / CFAV F2F activities on hold, projects such as these should be taking priority.

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I’d rather they worked through the backlog of VA, mileage claims, uniform application forms, transfer requests etc first.