RAFAC Attitude Survey 2020

As per the announcement of Sharepoint, we should expect to see a “RAFAC Attitude Survey” hitting the inboxes of RAFAC CFAVs some time this week.

Has anybody received this yet? It is apparently a more professionally produced survey than others previously distributed and, though I don’t generally expect much to come of it, I’ll spend a few minutes completing it when it gets to me.

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I’ll be interested to compare the results to what the Scouts found earlier last year. . .
Although they opened their survey up to everyone, Young People, Parents, and volunteers.

It’s interesting that this even exists considering last time it was raised on Value our Volunteers it was poo-poohed as being beyond the scope of RAFAC personnel to handle.

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Well… We haven’t seen the questions yet. :wink:
Remember how biased was the last “survey” they produced - That for over 18 cadets.

actually, going and looking back at the thread, it wasn’t as negative as you seem to think, and indeed ended with an APO stating they were now working with HQAC to put together a survey.

Attitude… they can stick it up their collective bums.

Well then why are you here?

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It should be promoted and get as many people from units to answer it as honestly as possible.

I think they’ve picked an interesting time of year to do the survey, early in the year when people have had a long break over christmas and may be feeling more optimistic than normal about the organisation.

Results in raw form should be published as well for all to see.


The survey.
As in nothing will come of it. Just as all the others.

Why are you here @pEp?
Oh same reasons. Ok then.

at the end of the day, unless we actually engage with the survey, there will be nothing HQ can do other than realise that CFAV’s are pissed off, which isn’t exactly ground-breaking . . .

However if we do engage, sure they might not do anything, but they also might do something!


Funnily enough mine arrived, went straight into the spam folder.

Not sure if i should leave it there :joy:

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I find that not answering these surveys on the premise that nothing will change is the same as not voting because ‘nothing changes’.

Yeah, well it won’t, if you don’t answer the survey!


The Scout one is mightily impressive, much better than the dross we get. I especially like the fact all staff, parents/carers and the youngsters are invited to respond to it seems essentially the same survey. Won’t happen in the ATC as they will get far too unnecessarily moist about email addresses, data protection etc. But do it with no specific identifiable personal information, it becomes a general survey which would be more useful than one responded to by a handful, not the few who seem to respond to the cadet ones. Like @Paracetamol suggests the portents based on the other surveys are not good. There will be analysis that cherry picks good bits, which will get highlighted and there will be things that are prominent that sit in the difficult pile and get taken up with a lot of noise of working parties, which slip away like someone drowning.
It was interesting that in the Scout one :
“I felt there was no one else available to help”
“Someone asked me to give help”
“I had spare time to do it”
“It was connected with the needs of my family/friends”
Figure highly in why “non scouts” help as adults and that marketing is a waste of money to get people to volunteer. Well there’s a surprise.
Also not many either Scouts or adults would be likely to recommend others to join.
Does anyone know if the Scout Organisation acted on any of the findings, or did they stick their fingers in their ears and go la la la like HQAC does and has done. The question as to why people won’t ‘invite’ others should be delved into in depth. Would any of us ask someone like a neighbour to come in as staff? Not just the ex-military types, but the normal “bloke or woman” next door?

As someone like others who have responded to the surveys in the vain hope of some positive changes, I don’t hold out much hope. Our expectations for change should be tempered by the way HQAC so readily dismissed DYER, which I feel could have laid the path to a more progressive joined up ‘cadet forces’. I would really like to see a joint HQ, but that means a loss of jobs for the boys and girls in the RAF, so never going to happen.

Well they put together these bits as a way of trying to get new parents involved.

And they explicitly mention a result from the Scout Experience Survey 5 times in their annual report.

Not comfortable in running the cyclist badge for Cubs? Mavis’s mum is a keen cyclist and is happy to help run a night. Need a social media expert? John’s brother is studying marketing at college and would love to run the Group Facebook page. Giving people the chance to help with something they love means they’ll have fun and are more likely to help out again. In time they may even join your leadership team.

Just from the first page of the Scout 'family’suvey, this just seems progressive and light years away from the way the ATC works, unless there is something not mentioned, like DBS and other paperwork.
Looking at the surveys, there has to be a catch as they seem just too useful. Which wouldn’t be allowed in the ATC. Good on the Scouts.

Just completed it it was sent to my personal email address and landed in the spam box.

Felt like a lot of duplication of questions. I was honest with how I felt let’s so hope it actually drives some change

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Urgh. If it’s being spammed it’ll probably be blackholed before it gets to me :slightly_frowning_face:

I guess we can ask for it to be resent?

Please ignore the troll.


Done. I note the neither agree nor disagree box was missing. Some seemingly very random questions in the mix. Plus some very loaded ones.

Shame about the lack of free text fields which, whilst harder to analyse, could’ve given far more insight into justification and causation of some answers.

I also noticed a focus on local leadership over leadership further up the CoC… almost as if any problems must be local ones…

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why am i tagged in this???

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