Support for CFAV


I take a similar approach to Ultilearn.


Known people who were threatened with removal and given the option to attend more or become CI.


More reasons to say that we are employees!!


You can’t take them to an employment tribunal, we’re not employed, there is caselaw stopping volunteers from challenging that.

You can bring civil proceedings against the MOD if you wish but lets be honest, it’s not worth it really.

The 12 hours a week has been changed to 144 hours a year to be more flexible for people, CIs have no time commitment only those in uniform and it’s what you agree to do as part of the role, if you can’t fulfill it I’m sure you could go back to being a CI and lower your commitment levels to something you can do. You not turning up isn’t ‘giving it to the big bosses’ it’s disadvantaging your fellow staff in their planning and ultimately the Cadets get less delivered as there are less staff.

Who are these people that are upstairs?? The simple fact is an Assisting Officer is appointed to the person who has been suspended, it is their job to provide access to any material from sharepoint or wherever the person needs, provide some support and where needed advice on what to do. They should be someone suitable to do this, as a WSO I’ve been appointed to help sqn commanders and as a sqn commander I was appointed for staff that were under investigation. If a Wing EX O or Wing Commander is failing to appoint an AO or the AO is not suitable then the person can raise this with HQAC HR people. I have known it done and things moved along.


That’s the first I’ve heard about that role! Never heard of one being appointed in the cases I am aware of!

I didn’t know we had an HR department? Where are they based? Are they qualified or is it a secondary role?


Is the accused givena choice of who the ‘assisting officer’ is?


That cgange has been made for the benifit of JL and QAIC directly administered staff and not sqn staff. They role did not fit with the ild rules.


Not as far as I’ve seen - the person is informed of who it will be.

@bob1 is correct on how the process is designed and it’s great that they’ve seen it work, but the debate here is when that process fails for whatever reason. If the accused isn’t aware of this, and their AO is a ghost or they aren’t given one, how are they to know where to go, what do do, and what’s happening?


which would never be allowed elsewhere.


The only answer is for everyone to become a CI then.

I don’t think that’s a half bad idea you know.


Are we really vilunteers. Can a wg cdr or a wing shooting officer or a sqn commander choose to do their 144 hours in a 6 month block in the winter months and spend the summer months with the family. The new volunteer agreement says yes but in the real RAFAC i think not. Bob1 says if you except the role then you except the commitment that goes along with the role. But if a role has a compulsory element then are you no longer a volunteer? Chapter m of the volunteer agreement says i can volunteer when i like, as a sqn cdr i can take the odd night off but if i decided not to volunteer for a month or two the chain of command would have something to say about it.


They would indeed and they would probably request that you step down as a sqn commander and let someone else have a go or if there isn’t anyone then they’ll close the unit.

I would suggest reading the relevant policy and challenging any situations via the C of C that don’t meet with it.

Primary role, they deal with a lot of the casework at HQAC, HR might be a strong term but there official title is the ‘Personnel Casework Management Team’. They will be aware of your case, especially if you have been suspended as they approve the suspension letter.

Yes, one is usually appointed by the Wing Commander who would be suitable but you can request to change that person so long as it is someone suitable, have a read of ACP 20 PI 115.

Then they should be approaching the chain of command for help, they should be familiar with the basic processes as they are clearly written down in the ACP that is available to everyone openly on sharepoint.


So clearly there is a system in place, just never had to use it myself!
But how can we enforce our Article 11 Human Rights Act right to be allowed to form a Trade Union, as we are no longer exempt as we are not Military anymore?


Easy we set up a staff assoc. We don’t need permission to do so from them. First part of call is ask folks would they like one what it should be called. Put out a call for HR staff or lawyers we might have a few ask someone to so a web page. And decide if we want it done per wings or regional


Sounds good! I’d assist where I could!!

As Air Cadet Association is already in place, how about Air Cadet Staff Federation?


I avoided RAF in case thhat was copy right. The thing with HQAC is they like to impose the forces act in any way that they feel fit suits them while forgetting they removed the right to do do on officers and never had the right to do do on SNCOs. We out number them in that we have 30.000 protental members


We could form a CFAV federation and open it to all the cadet forced. Oh wait for Twitter queen to cry


You may also need a couple of people who are now outside the organisation who cannot be ‘leaned’ on by management.


Watch this space I’m sure


How can the HQs be upset when it would be a support organisation for their staff?:thinking:
And it will allow them to comply with the law!