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Train sets, empires, and the balance of power.

It’s nice to be king of your castle until someone comes knocking on the drawbridge and raising the portcullis from the outside - especially when it’s the proletariat carrying pitchforks and demanding rights and fair treatment.

Far easier to make decisions and look good barely working when the serfs and the consequences are outside the walls and out of view.

That’s a point… now I’m running out of metaphors I’m wondering - do we actually know who is directly (not ultimately) responsible for each individual cluster, and have they ever surfaced?


It’s a deliberate tactic of modern management - have responsibility for any project or outcome spread among so many disperate parts of the organisation that when it fails, the blame cannot be laid at one person - and moreover, because each person with some responsibility for the project only failed in a bit of their job, it’s unfair to sack them.

Everyone is responsible, so no one is responsible.


Same tactic used in both the NHS and Local Authorities, wheeling out the usual refrain of ‘lessons will be learnt’.


Doesnt matter what HQAC say they cant stop you being a trade union member as its your legal right and theres nowt they can do about it


Ahhh “management”. And this in an organisation that preaches leadership, ownership, and personal responsibility…


It might preach it, but it doesn’t exercise much of it it…


Ahh, all of our prayers have been answered.

There is a new welfare support leaflet listing national organisations for guidance.