Support for CFAV


the only support for the “volunteer” comes from friends/colleagues. I had no support from the Wing Commander or fellow WSO’s.

We had a Wg Exec Officer who could make the word “volunteer” sound like a swear word. His answer to everything was suspend the volunteer. The other WHQ staff were no better.

The Regional Commandant was next to useless, and would not make a decision. What these full time staff should realise is that they work for the ATC, it is not the volunteer who works for them.

One way to save money and improve morale is to close WHQ and RHQ, the Corps would manage very well without this level of admin.


Exactly, so we could have an association that operates in a similar manner and offers support services - including a procedural defence and mediation service.


Has anyone thought to approach the Air Cadet Association? I don’t really know much about what they do to be honest.


It could surely be easily added to their purview…


Not their remit really - they may be able to offer an ear or a kind word but their help is really just financially (if a CFAV has hit a rough patch and has quickly run out of options then they can help in that way!)


It could, but will it be allowed to?
I have looked at their website and it looks like a welfare support organisation like the Benevolent Fund or RAFA. I tried to download their constitution, but couldn’t make it work!
The comments posted by Baldrick and RetiredSeniorOfficer show that there is a need for a support organisation, independent of the chain of command.
So how do we set one up? Anyone with HR/Trade Union/Staff Association experience that could give advice?
I know what the reaction will be in HQ, but if we have a right to have such support as we are no longer ‘Military’, we should be allowed to use that right!
Another unthought consequence of the change to CFAV status!


What you really need is people in each Wing ready to take on the task and who are willing to put their head above the parapit to take on those upstairs. They would actually need access to all the relevant documents pertaining to any grievance or investigation as would happen in any organisation.


So how can this be advertised?
The Seniors would want to suppress this idea very quickly!


I started to look through t’internet for some advice and found this page from the NCVO (The National Council for Voluntary Organisations) . I still can’t see how we are not employees!! Even the NCVO seems to think we should be employees! I know that this is off topic, but very related to support we should have!


at best we area zero hours contractor - we have no obligation to attend work and have no benefits of employment


Yeah we do. We’re obligated to do 12 hours a month.


SSAFA provide support to us. Try them?


yes but we can choose how that 12 hours is accumulated be that a day’s training on a Saturday (8 hours) and two evenings in the week.
there is also no stipulation that those 12 hours need to be “voluntary” these can be “paid days”

as stated in the example above (post 20) - the courts don’t see us as employees and our “employer” is not obligated to offer work


See, I’ve seen it enforced as attendance at unit…


Who’s clicked the close button?


If it’s been enforced, is that employee status?


So is this thread being closed? Time to start another one after this one ends!


But Zero hours contractors have workers rights! Uber has lost a recent case brought by one of its drivers, so that can’t be the excuse!


Not sure. I did a Mod thing and it seems to have stopped…


HQ seem to think the new disciplinary/complaints process ends with CRAFAC. They miss that at the end of that, regardless of employee status, a CFAV could well bring judicial review proceedings as that would be a decision of the state. If it was found to be unreasonable the decision (e.g. termination) could be set aside. More expensive and more risky than taking then to an employment tribunal but I’d be suprised if it didn’t happen at somepoint. Another unforseen consequence of the move away from military commissions