I take your point. But doesn’t really tally with being told to promote/make a big deal of the new building and merger, so the posts will continue.


Yup, no problem, appreciated.


What a ridiculous thing to say. If the squadron has something to be proud of, absolutely shout it from the rooftops. We are one organisation and should be proud of what each other achieve. We all have sub-standard buildings but it is about doing the best you can with what you’ve got!

@Threaders absolutely do your best to promote as it sounds you are!


Exactly!! as a Sqn we have close to 60 cadets in a very small hut thats falling apart! If we were having those awesome facilities being built our social media channels would be shouting about it.

Now i need to find out how we get one of theae swish new builds :smirk::wink:



There is an expectation that we promote ourselves.

Those of us who know us however, will know that our facilities, equipment, minibuses, and staff are always available to help other Squadrons. Our staff run activities across the Wing, are buses are out with other Squadrons many times per month, and we have already extended offers of support for shooting once the new range is up and running.

It may seem like selfless promotion, and too an extent it is, but realistically these facilities are an asset for other local Squadrons too, and we intend to ensure that is the case.


I confess to being supremely jealous of your facilities and the breadth of experience and qualifications you seem to have in your staff but I would be doing the exact same thing in your position!


I had a rant to my OC about the quality of our building as a result of this :joy:


We’re in a very dated building, it’s actually listed. Massively falling apart. We’ve covered holes with posters. It’s always freezing.

It’s painful. :persevere:


Ours has sporadic patches of black damp in the ceilings. One of the workmen RFCA sent out stated we beed a new roof but no £££ avaliable to do it


Is that not dangerous for anyone with a comprimised immune system?


Dangerous for anyone, full stop.


Its been treated. Just pops back.


Serious damp problem, needs sorting but RFCA say no more.


Been told its due to the roof needing replacing but no budget for it


And if you kick off too much they will just close you.


As interesting as soggy ceilings and damp is, can we please return back to the topic of Super Squadrons???


It’s a development of people’s desiring of a similar level of accommodation as the ‘super squadron’ being delivered by RFCA, bearing in mind the combined squadrons had a building delivered outside what may of us have to live with. Although this will be handled by RFCA and subject to the same poor standards we all experience.


All looks very high quality so far…

From what I’ve seen the whole building has wired networking, LED lighting, digital radiators that can have the temperature set per room, there is 5 HD projectors each with an electronic screen to match, so the quality seems very good!

Handover is set for 22 March so as soon as that happens we will post further details!


Good luck with your new build.
It’s a bit of a joke though how the corps pay for the networking cabling to be installed but don’t pay for the hubs to make it all work… that’s the Sqn’s responsibility


Less than 2 weeks now. Building looking great - and running to schedule. Handover on 22nd March, we’re all looking forward to the move!