Ultimately - The CWC are there to make decisions in the best interests of the cadets - at 388 the decisions have been the right ones. The Civ Com are excellent and work well with the staff - not to mention getting stuck into anything they can.

So whatever else people think should have happened - the right decisions have been made for the welfare of all the cadets - I call that a win.


I’m sure the squadron are thrilled with all the support and not all discouraged by constant circling around the ‘I am da law’ drain about money which is made to sound like absolutely anything else except what it is. Cadet money being spent on Cadets.

If it makes you feel better I can head up to Stoke and make sure that no one is driving any 18 plate Jags…do they have a marina, I can check for yachts whilst I’m there.


Hmmm … OK … know where you are coming from. But the few that are found with their fingers in the pot spoil it for the many.

I agree the squadron are probably thrilled, but this an organisation that profits from ignorance and CAC knows that.

Don’t head up to Stoke, you might claim expenses.


Are you saying there’s no provision to cover my expenses as a private investigator into this matter of yachts purchased without trustee approval?


Regrettably … Yes.

unless the trustees agree in advance :slight_smile:


They must have! Where do all the Bullseye winners keep their speedboats?:grin:


Things are worse than we feared folks…


That sqn number doesn’t adhere to the regulation laid down in the ACPs!!!


How so?


Blimey! I don’t remember seeing that on Bullseye!!:laughing:


If it has a helipad on the back offering AEF in the med i’m all for it lol


Trouble is, it’s moored near the new Super Squadron! Don’t think they are based in the Med, unless they have moved to a Gibraltar Tax Haven!:grin::grin:


Or just off the UK military dock in Cyprus


Hi all,

Thought I’d give a short update on the Squadron after 4 months.

We started with 89 cadets and have dropped to 83 cadets at this point. Staffing has remained constant.

New HQ will be complete in March - looking good.

Everything is going pretty well, it’s been hard work for the staff, particularly the uniformed staff, but things have calmed down now, and we have planned our programme until March now. Our programme up to Jan has been a mix of core training and other activities designed to get the squadron to have a “one team feeling”, which seems to have worked well. Our programme from January is very much more structured and reflects how the programme will be going forward. We will be recruiting for a training flight in January - and have 32 cadets on the waiting list.

Our Cadet Warrant Officers and Senior Cadet NCOs have been exceptional, and have supported the staff at every stage.

All in all, things are going very well, and we couldn’t have asked for a better start. Looking forward to 2019.


Good luck for the new year and every sucess.


Hope it goes well! How have the cadets adapted to extended travelling for some of them?


Parents WhatsApp liftsharing group seems to have worked very well. In practice we get the odd cadet arriving early or a bit late, but generally works very well.


Who controls that group, the parents or the staff? Just wondering to see if we could use such a system!


Parents sorted it out, we just advised they do it.


Been following the Squadron progress on FB, its been looking good! Best wishes for 2019