Interesting to see all the fuss surrounding the merger of three squadrons in Stoke into one “Super Squadron”.

Is this something we can expect to see become more widespread?

My squadron is in a city only slightly larger than Stoke and there are also two other squadrons in the city, I wouldn’t be overly surprised if at some point in the future the idea of a merger was raised.


It’s actually an old idea. 1064 (Honiton) Squadron was once upon a time 1064 (East Devon) Squadron with 3, maybe 4 different buildings in four towns across East Devon (and actually one in Dorset?) each was a flight, but not detached in the normal sense.


Is that the mechanism of this merger? Are they combining these 3 units at a single site, or rationalising the staffing/admin but retaining the separate locations?


3 units - single site.


What were the reasons?


Opportunity - lots of money available from sale of TA Centre for a new HQ that could accommodate all 3 units on the same site, made possible by building on the same site - therefore 100% of the money going to the new building rather than part going to purchase of the land.


I like that they re-numbered the unit from scratch, rather than kill two units and keep a third.


It’d be interesting to see how it works in practice, I imagine there’ll be some friction regardless of how well meaning everyone is.


It will be fine I’m sure.


I would like to know what happened with the civ com of the three sqns and the disposal of funds from them.
As this is a new sqn with a new number and therefore a new committee. The fund from the 3 old units would not automatically go to the new unit.


Please dont start this again


But it is valid and if due to an HQAC fudging, under the civ comm trustee rules, opens up a pit of vipers for all 3 CWCs if not done properly.
I’ve seen RBL branches “merge” and the merging branch funds don’t go to the one they are merging with, they go to the RBL’s big pot.


The bigger question have ALL (not just some) staff and cadets gone to the one new sqn?
You can only imagine the bickering among staff and cadet NCOs as to who is what and or does what, as one of the sqns will feel they’re in charge.
We’ve seen a few mergers with companies at work and we’ve been lucky as our role hasn’t been duplicated, but the preening that has gone on areas where there is duplication is quite funny.


The majority of staff have moved to 388, but it was an offer, rather than an order. Some choose to move to other local units because of location or personal development. I’ve seen some of the stuff the OC has produced, and he’s done some fantastic work to build a structure that will keep everyone involved and engaged, and has put some brilliant foundations in. It brings together the staff and cadets, and genuinely, everyone is very positive and see the benefits beyond just the new building mentioned above.

Community, cadets, local and central gov, other community groups, it’s gone down really well in the six towns.


Did all three units share parade nights?


2 out of 3 Squadron’s shared parade nights, 1 didn’t.


I don’t think there will be any of that.

There is a 100 cadets split into 3 flights - each lead by a FS (one FS from each of the merging units). Each flight has a mix of cadets from the 3 squadrons merging, including a mix of NCO’s.

The Senior Cadet NCO’s met with the OC a few weeks back to hash out policies and processes, and to add their thoughts.

The key positions on the squadron are split among the staff from the 3 Squadrons, with everyone now occupying the role they felt they wanted.

But most of all, the staff merging onto the new squadron all worked well as a team before the merger was even announced, so far from any bickering, everyone is looking forward to officially been one unit.


Sounds like the future


This is happening more and more. Our wing of 30 has had to prepare a ‘Doomsday’ plan, which includes losing 10 squadrons. Although they have not been told to implement it yet, it is looking more likely!

Co-location of Squadrons

Being in the same region as staffs wing i am quite concerned with this development. The lease for the land my sqn sits on is the most expensive in the wing. With two sqns within 20 minutes drive and 3 more within 30. The closure of my unit would save £3150 a year.
Having taken over the sqn when it was failing. One uniformed staff me, 1 CI who could only dp 1 night. Yes only one adult on the unit, and cadets you could count on one hand.
Now 11 staff when allof the admin is sorted and more than 30 cadets. All in a small valley’s community witge onr comp and a catchment arra of no morr than 25, 000 people.
The issue of my sqn is most cadets travel down the valley to mu sqn. All of the options of other units are further down the valley The result of my unit closing will be a extra 20 minutes travet to the next closest. Some of my cadets already travel 20 minutes to get to my front door. A 40 minute trip for the cadet is a 80 minute round trip for a parent.
I should be confident that my sqn is safe because it is one of the bigger in the wing. .if they can move three viable units in Stafford to one super sqn. Anything is possible.