They were 238, 239 and 235. Easy enough to find details on the internet and map them if that is what you really wish to do.


It looks like the chain of command and hierarchy are already doing that themselves. Then raking in a full pension on the old scheme.


What’s the new number again?


To add some scale…

Distance between 1 and 2 is 2.9 miles

DIstance between 1 and 3 is 4.3 miles


388 Sqn


Can you add the new location as well, otherwise we’re missing a key part of the Jigsaw!


New location is 1 - the new site is the site that was previously occupied by 235.


Maybe people should give this a chance and not be so critical?


Talk to the other parents & lift share.
Talk to the OC and make a case to the CWC for reduced Subs to counteract this.
Stop being an Air Cadet - we can’t make the organisation fully accessible for all - some will lose out some will gain - for the many not the 1

Talk to the other parents & lift share.
Talk to the OC and make a case to the CWC for reduced Subs to counteract this.
Stop being an Air Cadet - we can’t make the organisation fully accessible for all - some will lose out some will gain - for the many not the 1

Wear a Coat - that way you not in uniform but Trousers or Skirt
Get changed at the Sqn - travelling in civvies


What if they are unable to lift share? Or unwilling to share?

Reduced subs is a good idea.

And travelling in civvies is the best way.

And that’s not a very progressive attitude is it. Although judging by the recent gripes and other issues, maybe they would have better access to activities.


We have already reduced subs you will be pleased to hear - and at present none of our 89 cadets report issues with transport.


Can’t believe that some seem to wish this to fail or at least think that it has been ill-considered and isn’t in the best interest of staff and cadets (present and future). WOW


It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. No one said anything about wishing anything to fail.

And you can’t possibly be saying that officers have considered anything other than caviar, their pension and if they can buy shares in anything…


Which officers do you mean? Many seem to be critical of the super sqn idea and poorly informed rather than being open to the possibilities and benefits that might come from it.


All Officers.

Who isn’t open to the “possibilities” and “benefits?” Take a look at a running theme through some threads and you will see a lack of confidence and faith in the chain of command and the heirarchy, you can’t blame people at the pointy end for being apprehensive, or looking at different angles, or having a different perspective from the top of the Ivory Tower.
Have you communicated your side down to the lowly workers at the coalface, or are you just expecting people to blindly follow your instruction without criticism or outside thought?

I think we can all agree that it’s the cadets that matter and we will certainly see how it pans out and hopefully the kids will benefit from it. I am sure everyone in this thread is hoping it works for the kids sake, and the staff.

But have you considered that it might not go the way you expect or want? The bright idea fairies aren’t always right, and if this idea works well in this area, it might not work in another area, because of numerous factors.

We can be all happy and positive all we want but being happy and positive doesn’t always get stuff done.


Accepted and understood. The chain of command don’t have a good record for delivering change that’s sure. From what I have seen on here though this super sqn seems to be off to a good start.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating.


The proof will be up to the staff to make it work. If they were even half as negative as many of the posters on this thread then I’m sure it would fail - fortunately they appear to be working hard to make sure it does in a positive fashion.


We are indeed.

I appreciate this is all a sore subject for others, and don’t imagine every merger will have been as well thought out as this one. But all we can do is crack on and do the best job we can for the kids of Stoke - if we don’t, then the only people that suffer will be the cadets.


You have to proceed with a degree of caution, when all the eggs go in one basket.
I’ve been involved in mergers and take overs at work and while it all starts out with everyone being nice to everyone, when it gets to the nitty gritty things change. At work people go elsewhere and earn a crust, in the ATC they may change squadrons, but this isn’t always a happy event and eventually find there are other things to do.

In this instance as and when things change and they will, staff change which alters the dynamic and cadets change which is whole different kettle of fish, what happens? There won’t be options to undo what has been done. Squadrons are quite esoteric set ups and anyone saying it won’t change really is not facing the longer term reality for which you cannot plan or put contingencies in place.

Currently all the staff involved seem to be up for it, but as and when the attitude changes purely because it is tiring, given it’s done at the end of day or weeks work. What happens as and when the CO leaves, who it seems must have put an awful lot of time in to get this up and running and someone comes in who hasn’t got the time and or energy? Even if the current CO stays for years and years, their personal priorities change and this isn’t restricted to just the CO, it’s all staff. I don’t see any consideration from the chatter on here for these things to happen. It’s the evil of which no one will speak. As I said before let’s see how things are a little way on and I hope for the community’s sake that this stays as it is at the moment for years to come with no changes or the trivial disputes that can wreck squadrons.