sounds much like a former unit i was on. we had a spooner hut and regularly in the 40s each night!


Couple of drone shots of the base


Looks like a really good building!

I am going to go and cry in my broken wooden shed :wink:


I would ask room for one more but it’s probably a no?


The secret is out! :rofl:


But it’s new. New cars look nice for a few months if that.
Once this has had cadets in and out for a few weeks it will look like a normal.
They should be thankful that it’s not shared, which in this day and age seems to be the norm for new builds.


How the hell does she get the handover, it’s the OC who should be front and centre for that. I was when we got our new shed 15 years ago.


He was :slight_smile:


It’s a shame you couldn’t get the correct style of flag mast though. :smiley:

Still, looking good though. Do you think the solar panels will make a big difference to the utility bills?


We have a ‘new’ build and have the same straight pole :fiji:


It’s currently generating all it’s own power, has a nifty graph on the front of the Solar unit thing that shows power usage vs generation.


Do you have battery storage or just panels?


Just panels at the moment, however depending on how the first 12 months go - if there is a regular surplus then batteries will be added.