Well, we’re in! First parade night tonight - albeit that we will be spending it shifting kit across from the old building to the new.

First impressions; very good. We have essentially 5 teaching spaces; a small lecture room with individual student desks, and a large touch screen on the wall, a medium lecture room with a set of 2 person tables and a roof mounted projector and screen, a large lecture room with 4 x 6 person hexagonal tables and a large touch screen on the wall. Each of the lecture rooms has spare student desks and chairs and a very large storage cupboard built in. In addition we have an IT room - we bought some new computers to go in there (and to have a fixed PC in each space and the offices), so currently have 10 PC’s in there. The back end of the room has a 55inch touchscreen which we also purchased, as well as a projector at the other end of the room. We have named the IT and Comms room the Vic Reynolds Room - some of you may know Vic and how important he was to the ATC - he was a Stokey through and through. Finally the parade hall has a projector and screen so can be used as a 5th teaching space. The range has a camera system so a large screen at one end can be used to view each lanes target and therefore see where rounds have landed and provide coaching. Kitchen area is very nice - an ideal size. The awesome space is fantastic, we have 4 x fixed desks - each with one of our new computers on. With a large conference table in the middle for meetings and other staff working. Networking is throughout the building with network and phone points everywhere, wireless internet is also in every space. Main vehicle gate is manual, but there is a pedestrian gate on a mag lock - releasable by entry system in the hall and office - there is also CCTV monitors in both these locations. Store is massive and full of extensive racking. Lots of notice boards everywhere. All in all we are very happy - and I’m sure the cadets will be thrilled too, will be giving them a tour this evening. Can’t overstate how hard RFCA have worked on this for us in order to accommodate requests and suggestions.


Would be great to see some pictures once you’re all moved in and settled!


Congrats!!! Still jealous though!


I agree, can we stop with the moaning that not all Squadrons are created equal? It’s not what this thread is about.


No one likes a show off!!

Me Jealous?! yes :joy:

We would love a bigger building but we make do with what we have, of course other squadrons with way fewer cadets than us have had new builds but I don’t know the in’s and out’s of how they got a new building. We make the best of the shed we have and the cadets are more than happy with the activities we put on so that to me is the main thing.


Glad to see the update and looking forward to seeing photos. Good luck tonight, hope it all goes as smoothly as these things can!



glad to hear the night went well!

Out of sheer curiosity, how is your staff and cadet NCO mix made up? Did you have 2 x Flt Lt’s stand down to become squadron officers?

I am intrigued to know what staffing and number of NCO’s i would need to triple my squadron :joy:


Staff wise:

1 x Flt Lt
1 x Fg Off
1 x Plt Off (soon to be Fg Off)
1 x APO

1 x FS
3 x Sgt
15 x CI
2 x Service Instructor

Cadet NCO wise:

4 x CWO
7 x CFS
8 x Sgt
16 x Cpl

Plus around 55 cadets in total. Plus an additional group in the training flight who will be passing out at the end of April.

About 127 personnel in total, not including the Padre or the Civilian Committee.

In terms of Officers standing down; 1 squadron was run by a WO who then went elsewhere, the other 2 squadrons were run by Flt Lt’s, one of whom became the OC, the other of whom went to a different squadron retaining rank (she’d be an officer for a long time).

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Our main effort is now getting the building ready for CAC to visit and open it the week after next. Once the building is officially open we will transition back to our usual training programme.


What happens if all 127 plus invited and hangers on turn up, like could do for the selfie queen.
Could cause problems with the fire rating, especially if the weather’s crap and everyone’s indoors.
Are staff and cadet’s families and old boys being prioritised for attendance?


I highly doubt it will be an issue, even my tiny building can hold nearly 100 people with its fire rating.


Our hut is rated for 100, but more than 30 and it’s crowded.


But as you already said its about the rating not the presumed capacity.


Still utilising our old space in the Army Reserve Centre - so won’t be an issue.

Building rated for 150 px


Threaders, watch your radiators. We have a new sqn building with the same oil filled radiators. Over half of them fractured pouring oil all over the floor - nice ice rink.

I have to say that the new builds are really good, especially the built-in IT infrastructure, projectors and store rooms etc. RFCA support is equally impressive.

Our building is a ‘standard’ size where fire regulations stipulate a maximum of 80 people. The reality is that the drill hall can’t accommodate much more than 35. Luckily we have a big car park (we’re in a Reserves Centre) so parades tend to be outside.


I suggest 80 is not seen as a target but simply the building max.

With 35 in the drill Hall that still leaves 45 to be distributed around the remaining rooms.


We have a building that has 80 max capacity. Can’t get any more than 45 on parade on parade hall; that 4 deep and short arm dressing!!