SUP Leadership Equipment

This is 50% discussion, 50% favour asking…

I’m considering my SUP leadership equipment and as part of that I’m looking for a compact two-stage pump that can be carried on an expedition / longer day trips without taking up too much room - but you have it in case of an accidental deflation / puncture which requires a repair. It needs to be two stage to deal with the ~15-20psi required in a standard iSUP.

This is exactly the kind of thing I’m after, but it isn’t available in Europe and costs a fortune ship over according to the eBay:

Anyone know of any European alternatives, or travel to the US often and could bring me a couple back :smiley:?

how soon?

No particular rush to be honest - clearly cos COVID - but this year?

potentially towards the end of the year… if I convince my boss for a holiday very important work trip to SF


If nothing else comes up before then, I’ll definitely send some :beers: your way if you could get some back to the UK for me.

Ditto, also looking at an SF&NYC trip in autumn time. If all goes ahead then I should be ok to help out.

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or some paddling trips? :wink:

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Definitely. These almost always include :beers: too.

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Would also be much obliged!

@ccw34 @OldNewbie any update on potential trips to the states?

US is still refusing to allow Brits or Europeans in, so it’s a no go.

Booooo. That’s no use.

Give Craig at Marsport a bell. He might have space in one of his containers. And seems able to source lots of US stuff via NorthStar.

It might take 11 months before you get it though :rofl:

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Not wrong.

same with me I’m afraid, although my boss (not a US citizen) is planning to go to Missouri in November for a meeting… not quite sure how he’s managing that within the current US restrictions :thinking:

Can travel on a business visa just not a tourist one

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There are exemptions for business travel.

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And exemptions for being called Alok Sharma. Maybe ask him. :wink: