Staff Cadet Shooting Quals

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Currently sorting out my staff cadet paperwork, and was wondering if there is any shooting coaching/safety qualifications achievable for staff cadets?


I believe staff cadets can do the coaching course, but not any of the ‘safe person’ courses such as RCO or SAAI.

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Coaching course (lying next to the shooting coaching them on technique) and Safety Supervisor (standing over the shooting ensuring they are safe) are the two that I know of.

it is also worth nothing that a Staff Cadet can be the appointed First Aider if they hold the appropriate FA ticket - although it is not shooting specific

Staff Cadets can’t currently be safety supervisors.

Cadets can coach so long as there are also safety supervisors.

The whole Staff Cadets being able to hold shooting Quals is a big debate at the moment as you could be a staff member in the ACF and attend courses and run ranges.

oh - i stand corrected in that case

Back when I was a Cadet you could be an RCO if you were a CWO and you could hold the old qcWHT.

It’s ridiculous at the memory that we don’t let staff cadets hold quals, we let them drive Cadets about and we let them run AT activities all of which are as dangerous as shooting if the wrong person is doing it.

Agree, but I’m in the camp of getting rid of Over 18 cadets and making them staff anyway.


Warning warning extreme danger… O18 thread creep detected.


For once it isn’t thread creep, it’s exactly what this thread is about! O18s and their shooting quals :wink: Although the actual question has already been answered…

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they cannot exercise a First Aid Qualification on a range either…CRT only allows CFAVS…


I forgot that, which is also ridiculous

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it is …very frustrating…

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That was an authorisation not a qualification. Cadets will never be permitted to hold these qualifications.

What they were “authorised” to run a .22 range not qualified?

Based on the recent changes to ACP 4, I would suggest any changes to what staff cadets can do is more likely to limit it than allow them to do more.

Pretty sure mine was a qualification. Not re-authorosed annually, standard F7257 etc.

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Some of the policies in this organisation re staff cadets are absurd. There are plenty knocking around with SC and iirc some even with DV based on their day jobs but can’t undertake staff roles re shooting that seem blocked off pretty much solely on the basis of “they don’t hold clearance”.
Interesting as well there is no way to even log clearances for staff cadets, or anything above SC (eSC/DV/eDV) for adult staff afaik, not that the latter would be massively necessary in this organisation except for removing the requirement to extract an SC/do an extra SC for their mod90.
Feels to me that we’re pointlessly cutting off the opportunities of our 18-19yo cadets to do certain shooting courses for no blindingly obvious reason, based solely on the incorrect presumption that none of our staff cadets hold the clearances anyway

It’s nothing to do with clearance, it’s the fact that CTR specifies CFAVs specifically and they aren’t CFAVs.

This is unique to the RAFAC as none of the other forces have over 18 cadets so not an issue.

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The ACF do now (in some areas)

Not according to JSP814 they still limit at 18.

They will also suffer the same issue that those still deemed to be Cadets can’t hold these Quals.