Staff Cadet Service

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I’m looking for the announcement, possibly about two years ago regarding staff cadet service in the Corps. Can’t seem to find it anywhere in Sharepoint, can anyone help?

On a related vein - looking for any references to whether staff cadets are able to hold a Bader account (Generic/role specific). Do you allow yours access? Any restrictions?

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My over 18 cadets are all treated as adults, absolutely no different to staff members, so they all have the option to have accounts.

They have personal accounts and access to the general email account. We do not have any Staff cadets in specific roles yet , i would personally have no issue giving a staff cadet say the adj account if they were doing the job (providing they are allowed role specific accounts, im not sure as its not come up!).


Staff cadets can be allocated Bader Account, my TO was a CWO.

The policy is contained in ACP20

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What had they done to upset you that much? I wouldn’t wish Bader on people I don’t like very much.

I would suspect that like a lot of staff cadets I’m coming across now. They are all being asked to jump through hoops and sign documents to say they are “staff” to actually turn 18 and still be treated like children.

As they can’t get access to Sharepoint they are unable to point out to dinosaur OCs the rules and regs and are being kept in the dark.

I admit I struggled at the start but from speaking to other OCs in my sector most are still treating them no different to your average 12 year old cadet.

Can confirm to an extent. Treated like an adult when it suits the people in charge, treated like a 12 year old when it would inconvenience them to treat us like adults.


Personally I actively discourage anyone to stay after turning 18 years old. After the experiences I have had over the last year with Staff taking advantage of young vulnerable adults.

Staff Cadets ultimately still want to impress their seniors, and they take advantage of that. They take and take and take and pretend to treat staff cadets nicely until they are bored and want to go to the bar, leaving you to do most of the hard work with the cadets.

For me it was all, transport cadets in your car to events, run this, teach that, spend on average over 20 hours a week away from the Squadron planning this, planning that.

Then when it came to anything to do with a perk of being staff it was, “what? Do you think you are special or something”.

It’s disgusting, to any Staff Cadets who may read this, do not fall for the same mistakes I did! Do not let silly ungrateful staff members you once respected as a 12 year old take advantage of your good will. They will only reward you with nowt.

But then again that’s just my experience, I’m sure at a Squadron a few hundred miles away you may find someone with the opposite.

Just be on the ball and know if someone is taking advantage of your charitable nature.

Rant over… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wouldn’t say the opposite but certainly not to the extremes you describe. On my sqn, (S)NCOs generally teach/run near enough everything but not all of them are staff cadets. They certainly wouldn’t be expected to plan activities for 20(!) hours a week in their own time.

I’m curious as to when your staff are leaving you to go to the bar and what perks of staff you are rejected so bluntly about?

I am, however, agreeing with you on the fact that Staff Cadets sometimes have the mick taken out of them by staff or used just for their advantage.

Can you narrow down? ACP20 was my first port of call and I couldn’t find anything specific on this?

(The best I found was that they should be encouraged to help in ‘organisational responsibilities’)

Although I have seen and agree with your comments, there are those of us out there that do want to treat them appropriately, and bar is a nice to do if we get chance after sorting the cadets out - not a right.

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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Do you mind if i ask what this was?

Also remember that as staff, 95% of the work we do gets zero reward at all. I can give staff cadets perks, like putting there name to the top of lists for certain camps, or give them slots for flying or shooting. I cannot do that for staff, other than saying thank you and possibly taking them out for tea (at my own expense) there is very little i can give them.


I suppose it depends what you saw becoming Staff Cadet meant?
@Six_Fife I am intrigued by this comment

Then when it came to anything to do with a perk of being staff it was, “what? Do you think you are special or something”.

What perks do you feel existed for being staff, that you are denied? If there is a perk to this job, can I have it backdated 39 years?

I think that Staff Cadets may see themselves as more than what they are and no real idea of what being staff is. Maybe I didn’t expect much when I was 17/18, so was happy just to get on.

Being staff :
is turning up and doing things that need to get done
it is transporting cadets
it is teaching and not just the things you like
it is spending time doing things away from the ATC
it is getting naff all respect from the organisation

this what it was like when I was a Staff Cadet and the same into being adult staff. I didn’t expect anymore. It’s not taking advantage it’s how it is.

I didn’t see myself as someone so inexperienced to be able to hold staff to account, it’s worth remembering that Staff Cadets until a few years ago had to read and digest ACPs 20a/20b/42 and get questioned on these, as well as deliver a lesson. The very act of reading these books and manually updating them meant we went into the role much more informed and this was a bloody good preparation for adult staff. It is interesting that a new officer was asking how he can find out things as doesn’t feel he knows enough, which is hardly surprising as those very ACPs contained practically everything people needed to know to function, in one place, not disparate electronic files. Now I only look for the ones I need as I don’t have the time or inclination to ‘browse’ sharepont like I would with a book of flappy printed paper sheets. Maybe I should, but when it takes ages to find, open and read, I can do more worthwhile things with that time, like pick my nose, scratch my backside, watch water evaporate.

I think you are on the money in some respects the organisation and some squadron staff build up cadets coming up to their 18th with you have to do this and that which the staff have to do, which may make them think they are more important than they are and there is more to it. But I suppose being honest about it would be counterproductive. I have always been brutally honest about things, so much so when one of the staff cadets who has been staff for 6/7 years spoke to his cadet mates when he was staff cadet, they swapped stories although what I said was what was happened, his mates found out the hard way, as their staff had presented a gingerbread house covered and filled with sweeties perspective of being a Staff Cadet and staff.

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Someone pinch me… I actually agree with this.

Staff cadet can be a harsh reality for many - still in education, not in the harshest of work environments, and suddenly expected to hold responsibilities and do some work.

Not saying that some staff won’t take advantage and “dump the solid trumps” on them or push too much too soon.

We take a more measured approach and our SNCOs are already building up a lot of responsibility. If our 18+ want to continue as per then they can (additional responsibilities not relevant on unit), or they can “join the executive”, share a desk in the office, and be able to get away from the cadets when necessary in return for a bit of admin and planning.


I’ll bite… why do you do it then? Why not just leave if you hate it that much?

We’ve all been begging and praying for that for years


The suggestion was there are perks to being staff and I was intrigued as to what these might be. A perk to me is something you get given, like a day out or a meal or something, where you don’t pay for it and HQAC have not given anything like that. We get a paid for meal at work twice a year with spouses invited, we regard this as a perk.

That’s not what I asked. I asked why you still do it despite having no perks.

One would imagine same as most of us.
“For the kids”!

Editing to add, that and the kudos of uniform :crazy_face::joy:

My staff cadet experience was effectively just carry on like I imagine is the same for those staff who are in the early to mid 30s.
I think too much is made of it now and where it should just be carry on. It is a big deal in terms of what they have to do and maybe what is expected of them.

But the lad suggested he thought there were perks to being staff and I was trying to ascertain what he thought these were.

Why do I do it as metioned “for the kids”. There is no personal gratification in this organisation.

The kudos of wearing a uniform :rofl: