Staff Ages?

Just curious, if at 75, I’m the oldest CI serving/Training?

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Not a chance.
Got one in their 80s.

I’m.sure there are probably older as well.

But I hope im still going at 75 let alone 80s!

Have 80 year old at our place! Cant stop him from doing anything! He loves it

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We have an 82 year old! Been on the squadron for decades and decades.

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Is there not an age limit? Don’t get me wrong, the enthusiasm of the golden oldies to serve is looked upon thankfully by cadets. But surely there comes a point where they’re past their sell by date in terms of usability by that particular Unit?

Yes, but that does not come at an arbitrary number, i.e. age. Instead, when they stop providing value to the cadet experience.

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I see.

For uniformed pers, not CIs, as far as I’m aware.

And no, as long as they’re willing to give their time and experience, we should be welcoming them with open arms (while observing social distancing, ofc).

We have a gent in his 70s who’s been with cadets since he was 13 who’s been very open about saying that he’s only leaving us in a box.

And we’re all the richer for it.


Our older gent is very much the same, and to be fair he runs the stores and sorts the uniform orders out.

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I know a few - as long they’ve still got all their faculties there’s a wealth of experience, knowledge, and usually a story or two which adds to what the cadets get.

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Two of my CWC are retired and do bits and pieces around the hut, gardening, repairs and getting things, that would otherwise prove difficult.

We had a CI carry on well into his 80’s, and kept providing sterling service up until the point he decided it was time to step back. The Squadron was a richer place for his wisdom, knowledge and all round experience, and the Cadets just knew this too.


We have a very active CI who will turn 90 this year. He was my gliding instructor when I was a cadet, this year I hit 77 and wish I was as fit as he is.


Fair play!

No, I think that is rather rude young man/woman/cadet (you dont know who you are talking to here do you.


Maybe their view of what staff actually do is just limited. Maybe their unit focuses around AT and a lot/all of their staff are involved with it.
Whatever the staff member’s age is, there’s always something they can provide. An 80 year old is unlikely to be taking cadets up a hill, but they could very well help with admin, maintaining equipment, passing on experience, running their specialist activity etc. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that maybe you don’t see.

i know of a 79 year old Adj who regularly attends at least one summer camp a year.

they are a previous WWO and DofE Assessor, both of which are skills which are not exercised anymore but they are a holder of a D-licence and have significant experience.

Started this thread; @ 75 [ 76 in June]
I’m the only one in SQN who has F/Craft [renewed this year] & I do go Week ends in the Field, & will when able to do so again
. Also Signals/Radio; 1St Aid instructor [Adult instructor C&G Level 4 Adult Education Teachers Cert. etc. From my tag, might give you an Idea.

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Agreed; don’t forget many CIs are retired officers, VR(T) or even regular, and in many cases did an entire career in the RAF. They are CIs because they had to retire, in some cases; I know others just prefer the level of commitment.