Stable belt loops on No2 trousers

Good morning all.

Can’t find a mention of this in AP1358c, but have seem several regular and RAFAC personnel with large belt loops for a stable belt. I’d like to get mine tailored. Does anyone know the regs on this? Thanks.

I think it’s accepted but not mentioned in the regs as it’s a private purchase item with a tailor.


If you buy from certain RAF Tailors it comes as Standard. Never seen a reference but have worn them like this for years including at ATF without being corrected.

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I have called and left a message asking Snaiths to give me a call back. I’ll see if there is a set width, position and button type (if a button is used at all) to keep it uniform. I’ll keep you all posted… :wink:

There’s no “standard” at the moment. You’ll see some with and some without buttons.

There was a suggestion a couple of years ago that all trousers would be issued with stable belt loops. That presumably proved to be too costly and we never heard any more about it. The most recent whisper I heard (some time early last year) was that an approved pattern would be promulgated but that they would remain an optional private purchase option. I never saw any more about it.

It’s a common addition, I get loads of customers asking for them.

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Oh, that is interesting. So how do you set them up, spacing etc?

I could accept that if the corresponding belt for those loops were issued - but Stable belts are private purchase so would look odd to wear such trousers for those (like me) who choose to stick with the issued belt

That was also part of the plan which, very unsurprisingly, was too expensive.

I run with 4 loops about 5/8" wide; the front two fitted over the existing belt loops and the rear two approximately equispaced (they end up around centre of the rear pockets). For a larger person I might add additional loops as required.


I’ve literally (this morning) just been informed by my Wing Amin that they have got my paperwork back from HQAC to go back in as FS, so have not seen No2 trousers for a while. How many belt loops do they have?

Can’t say I usually count them and I wear them most weeks.

I believe I’ve been told they are allowed provided they are “correctly tailored”, remember something else a while back about 4 loops either fully stitched or button (choice may not be correct), material has to match the trousers, and you can’t wear a grey belt if you’ve got wide loops.

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However, there’s never been any formal release.

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Only ever seen CFAV/Regulars/Reserves wearing them - yet to see any cadets rock up with some.

That is because cadets are actually in tune with what looks good and what doesn’t. Stable belt loops on No2 trousers look awful (IMO).


they also don’t care enough
don’t know about station tailors
don’t have the means to get in touch with Station tailors, or the means to get there.
nor will have the cash for it
(other other civilian tailor equivalent)

any such interest in gucci uniform kit is bound to go on private purchase MTP PCS uniform, and why we see Cadets running around in UBACs!

Some of us in the upper circles of 1358c knowledge would like to wear such items :wink:

Wouldn’t be surprised if someone (somewhere) managed to crew themself up a pair by their own work… would like to see how a little project like that turned out.

A lot will. They’d rather just spend it on pairs of trainers you aren’t allowed to get dirty.


I’m sure they’re advertised for sale on Snaith’s website aren’t they?

Thinking back, I seem to remember 5 on mine; the extra one at the centre at the back?

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Not a clue - will take a look.