Squadron Websites

If you have a sqn webiste we could share them on here so people could see the different layouts.
Here is mine from 1156 Whitley Bay sqn



Not put any news up for a while, unfortunately.

yeah ours is a new website which is updated all the time which is good to keep up to date with the sqn

I built ours a few years ago whilst I was doing my GCSE IT using a simple Dreamweaver template. It’s nothing fancy but it does the job!


739 Sqn

Theres ours created a couple of years ago with Dreamweaver. We keep it fairly well updated, it has a wordpress news section which cadets and staff can subscribe too and add stories too, twitter feed etc and a cadets only zone for the files etc.

1996 Earley Sqn, http://www.1996.org.uk/
Twice Wing and Region Winners

News from the Wing website appropiate to our Sqn is automatically pulled into our site

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There are numerous websites like this one Havantaircadets that seem to have a standard theme, does anyone know where it has come from? or any info how you can obtain it…


Theirs was designed by a member of their civ com and I believe is not a standard theme or template. I know some in this neck of the woods do use a standard template.

My own squadron used a free online website developer initially, and now pay a nominal fee for a more despoke tool set. It does the job.

with my sqn.ac hat on,I could look at sourcing a joomla/ WordPress theme for air cadet sites.

would that be of interest to anyone?



Both of these were created using 1and1



Feedback welcome

On the Eastleigh one, poor positioning/use of the RAFAC logo (positioned across many colours). It’s best to have a single solid colour background which doesn’t impact on any of the logo colours.

A fair few in our wing use this template to match the Corps one:



and that makes me wonder where that got it from :slight_smile:

[quote=“Baldrick” post=4438]A fair few in our wing use this template to match the Corps one:




Unfortuntly I no longer have any input to the Eastleigh site, maybe i’ll pass that on, but ionly after our Wing Website Competition :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed - it should either be outlined in a light colour (eg white) or the white version of the logo used instead.

@DJRice yes, a wordpress air cadet theme would be most useful. would save my php no end!

make that two :slight_smile: now…

I’ll see what I can do :wink:

www.370squadron.co.uk :cheer:

You may want to look at your opening paragraph as it states that the Air Cadet Organisation celebrates its 70th Anniversary this year :slight_smile: