Squadron Polo Shirts

A colleague asked my advice regards Sqn Polo shirts.

They asked what would be appropriate for a Sqn OC to have on a polo shirt.

Ie do they have a Sqn crest with

Flt Lt Joe Bloggs OC

Flt Lt Joe Bloggs
Officer Commanding 123 Sqn ATC

Or Boss

I’ve seen people with ‘boss’ embroidered under crest. But not sure about other options

What’s people’s opinions.

I’d just have rank and name but then I am a fun sponge when it comes to this stuff.

I’d also encourage No3a guidance to be followed with Polo’s with regards to design…makes it future proof to wear with greens when necessary… Which I’m confident I’ll be slated for now…


None of the staff on my unit wanted their names embroidered on so we’ve just got the unit badge and nothing else.

Some cadets have their surnames embroidered on the left breast so imagine staff would do the same if any wanted it.


Allows swapping as well if sizes change.


And ranks… Remember your roots when you become Wg Cdr Paracetamol



Yeah. Never gonna happen.

Too many… erm… seat warmers in front of me.

But still got my Sqn polo from my last 2 Sqn commands.

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Squadron crest only on ours.

School crest and " CCF" underneath. No names or appointments

Crest, no names.

Crest and surname… saves on it going out of date…

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Crest on the polo & soft shell

Crest with surname on the back of the hoody

Crest with OC underneath on my gillet

We don’t have polo shirts (and as far as I can remember we’ve never had them since I joined the sqn 18 years ago).

We currently have t-shirts which can be worn under MTP with just the crest, a sports t-shirt with the sqn number printed on the front (I’ve never worked out why we didn’t have the crest on it) and a soft shell with the crest on the front and RAFAC logo on the sleeve. We’ve had both jumpers and hoodies in the past, again just with the crest.

We’ve never had names/ranks printed on sqn clothing. AFAIK, no one has ever asked for it and as @Paracetamol says, it allows for swapping when sizes change (which is a given for cadets as they grow).

Check out posh boy!


Sqn crest.

We also have just that on our t-shirts.

Hoodies, can have a surname on the back. We’ve had cadets from the same family return wearing their older siblings Hoodies that way.

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Who doesn’t own a Gillet. A nice Barbour one with squadron crest for those days clay pidgin shooting.


But the No.3a guidance doesn’t work. It contradicts itself and demands embroidery on both sides of the chest.

If you read the regs properly, the example pictures break the rules, as did the last two RIAT shirts.

So, ignore?


That’s my motto


Easier to ask forgiveness, than permission…

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I probably wouldn’t even ask forgiveness if I’m honest :rofl: