Sqn Banner with Sqn Badge

So the latest brand guidelines on the Air Cadets website say that if you have an approved badge you can have this on your banner in place of the standard ATC badge.

Does anyone know of any squadrons who have done this, or how you’d get it done?

Ours has been looking worse for wear for a while and I’d like us to get a new one but if we have the option of getting our own badge (already approved) on it I think that would be mega.

I’ve never seen a banner with just a Sqn badge. However I have seen a banner with ATC Badge in the normal place and size then in one of the corners the Sqns Badge

Blaze a trail PeP.

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My squadron had been looking to do this too.
First hurdle is getting an approved badge!
“Identify 2 or 3 things that symbolise your squadron and the local community”

Errr the trolly in the local river and the knives in every kids pocket?


Where does that requirement come from? I’d love to use that as a reason to change ours.

Currently, our badge is a white horse rampant, with the motto ‘Invicta’. You may think, therefore, that we are from Kent. Not a large city in the South West…

Apparently it was designed by a previous WO from, guess where, with apparently zero imagination and a lot of arrogance.

Well that requirement comes from my conversation with Flt Lt Tunesi, Special projects officer for HQAC.

So we have a badge that has been confirmed and bought by the appropriate inspector of badges. It takes the centre of the disbanded RAF squadron of the same number as ours, which in turn took it from a city they were involved with in WW1.

I think it’ll cause some consternation if I just try and buy one (and where would one go anyway?), so I was looking to see if anyone is already doing it so I can ask them for advice.

Newton and Newton? Look at their website, i’m sure it’s been done before.

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Not sure how you get it but ourr sqd has the normal ATC banner.

Thanks, as do we. I’m after someone who doesn’t have the normal banner though.

Interesting, as this certainly doesn’t comply with the design criteria mandated in ACP20 PI108 Annex C. You would expect the published ACP to take precedence in this matter.

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Sorry i edited that because I thought my squodron had a squadron banner but then I checked and we didn’t so I changed that reply because I didn’t want to give people the false information.

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I too checked it. ATC badge only approved badge for main motif with other devices (and doesn’t actually mention Squadron badges that I recall) in the corner…

Hmm. Well this is a dilemma. Maybe I’ll email the badge guy.

It ain’t the badge guy’s call. He can approve a badge, but the question is whether that badge can be used in place of the ATC badge on a banner. A suggestion that it can seems to be an invention of D P-H and her team.

Personally, I’d run it past the Drill WO or CRAFACWO as ceremonial people. I don’t know who owns the ACP but most of that manual has nothing to do with flags on sticks so that might not be entirely relevant.

Or since the regulations are unclear interpret them the way you want to and stand tall in defiance of all who question you.

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Daws, you could be a lawyer.

Rules are rules. But loopholes, are loopholes…


Think I saw on Twitter RWO LASER was talking about Sqn Badges and their use. Maybe worth touching base with him

I’m not sure you did. I’ve just looked at his tweets for the last year and can’t see anything. Sure it was him?

Edit: ignore me, he replied to the tweet generated by ACC with the link to this thread :rofl: