Space award

Just seen the post on Facebook about the new Space syllabus being launched at RIAT. Anyone got any info on what it actually entails?

I really hope you’re lying.

I’m not. Tim and Carol launched it.

Wonder what the badge will look like #Scouts


If it were to be a rewrite/new subjects of some of the classification subjects I’d be all for it, as it is I’m just a little apprehensive.

Yep, if was the corps training officer my priority would be fixing the current syllabus before rolling anything new out


“can be studied in a minimum of about six months depending on available squadron time”

Sooooooo actually 3 years then.

YET AGAIN though, a massive policy/syllabus change is announced through SM. Squadrons up and down the country are going to be fending off questions about this and looking like donkeys. A cursory search of all the usual spots on Sharepoint hasn’t shown anything up so they’ve not sneaked it on.

When are we going to get this “instructor module” or see any of the content?

Actually, when are we going to get any information AT ALL through proper channels?

Are they badging it or is it only nominally Blue-Gold? How are they justifying that in the budget?

I get it, it makes sense, but not like this…


I don’t know who wrote the Facebook post but I have always felt
the term “Space Cadet” has always been used in a negative derogatory way never
in a light hearted joking way

Its good the OU has gotten involved, hopefully they could get a hold of the entire syllabus and give it a good rewrite


So. Much. Facepalm.

Can’t even get badges for the current syllabus let alone introducing another.

Where will the badge go?

How can you launch something before training people to deliver it?

How can you launch it on Facebook and not tell anyone properly?


I guess to be fair they launched it at RIAT, but then still did it on SM before even anything on SharePoint

I leaving the Air Cadets and joining the scouts! At least with them it’s not a surprise when a new badge comes out, and they have the space to sew them!


This the modern Air Cadets way of doing things; comes out via SM, dumped on sqns to sort out and then bitched at because you’re not doing it. Saves time with all this doing it properly malarky.

I like the idea of a Space Award being launched. Maybe Voorders and Peaky can come to the squadrons to do the instruction.

Of course the CTO is going be excited by it, they won’t have to deliver it. You can push policy and changes all you like when you haven’t got to do it or be held accountable at any point if it doesn’t work.

Fudges sake.
Another good idea, poorly executed.

Where is the badge going. 3rd brassard sewn on back of working blue shirt?

Just in time to storm Area 51!

I agree - sounds like a fantastic opportunity, but why do we hear about this on social media? They know emails exist right?


Even an IBN:

“By the way, regarding the Space Award announcement at RIAT, if you receive any questions then this is the general content, this is how the course modules will work, this is the release date… etc”

They knew the schedule for the announcement, so they could even have held the IBN until that very moment - but at least put something there for us to look at at the earliest possible time we might need it.

Someone, somewhere, is probably wittering on about “keeping the surprise safe” and not wanting to dampen the announcement by it already being common knowledge, but if the information isn’t released by Monday night then they have officially and deliberately dropped their entire volunteer cadre in it. (Any spies watching? nudge nudge)


Wait, no, I found the official notification…

Wg Cdr McNeill says “available from October” in the very official method of promulgating information in a Video on Facebook that everyone will definitely see and go to the effort of watching.

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They could have put an IBN out saying they’re was a big announcement coming out at RIAT from Carol and Tim that will be live streamed on FB or the video for it will be up by X time.

I’d say that would have made the announcement HUGE, I would have told all my cadets to watch and then the momentum would have been much better than the 8 comments it got when I saw it a few hours ago. Squadrons would have been prepped to watch out for it and immediately share it corps wide.

It would have been a massive PR hit and they have completely lost what could have recruited a tonne of people.


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Good plan, but also tie it in with more details after the announcement.


If ready in Oct 19, I would’ve delayed any release to RIAT 2020 (because it’s never really ready at the initial date…), just to ensure all logistics were in place and then timed notifications / release of materials to coincide with the announcement at the Airshow.

However, as Air + Space are the themes at RIAT this year i suspect a rush to meet the opportunity has occurred. Unfortunately this has left us without answers to the questions we will be asked :’(

Hopefully RC(N) will have said answers.


What do you mean? We’re renowned and revered for our ability to deliver projects on time according to self-determined schedules that we’ve informed the world about…