Space award



I like what your trying to gone with here…

But your way off the mark as the above intimates that I as a volunteer am in love or infatutaed with HQAC.

I can assure you nothing could be further from the truth.


No reply to an asked question on sharepoint.
No info on sharepoint.

Already had 1 parent email to ask me if the Sqn will be offering this to cadets.

Literally… WT Fudge.

Anyone got any info?

Am very angry with the way these grenades keep getting lobbed over the wall at us.

Does no one at HQAC or the permanent staff have a clue how to run things anymore?



We’ve got an adminner in charge, you can’t expect admin to be adequate.

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They think they are running the RAF and with a what I say goes mentality, carry on. They don’t understand the ATC/ACO, more importantly its volunteers and the fact they in the case of the uniformed staff, no longer come under military law.

I suspect this has come as a bigger surprise at HQAC, Region and Wing levels.

RIAT is usually around the sam time every year just like Christmas so one would have thought this idea would have been thought through!

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More over they are nothing to us. They can stamp their feet and it matters not a jot.
So Air Cdre, Gp Capt etc etc meaningless and unimportant.

According to my radar, that face indicates neither love not infatuation, tis the face of the storm, or perhaps a swarm of flying ants :’)

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No. Essentially because they are unable to let things bed in before the next thing and since we moved away from the 2 year sunset Air Cdre, they have to keep tinkering.
Rather than older, wiser individuals, they behave like baby management graduates, who do learn how it works and become those older, wiser individuals.

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Has anyone actually read the FB post?

The Space Award course has been launched in tandem with the Open University and puts the air cadets into orbit in terms of understanding the solar system and space exploration.

The first modules of the syllabus will be released in October 2019 and will include a separate guide for instructors and an ACTO. A space badge will not be issued, but certificates will be made available for each of the progressive levels from Blue to Gold.

Cadets passing the course will receive a certificate accredited by the OU.

The bit you quoted was added to the post as an edit a few days later with no obvious announcement of the change so rose of us who had already seen it would not be aware of this new snippet being announced via Facebook. Obviously they knew there was an issue with comms but decided to make the change in a secret way, this should have been accompanied by, at the very least, an announcement on SharePoint


Regional and Wing Training Officers have been informed about the development of the space syllabus and they will receive further updates from the Corps TO.

Not in sunny wales they haven’t

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I couldnt give 2 figs what’s released via book of faces, twotter or instabull.

Our OFFICIAL medium for Comms is BADER, either sharepoint or email.
We should have received an email first and then it be put on social media if necessary.

Any thing on social media is simply hearsay until released via official channels.


It doesn’t help that the Cranwell unwashed are in love with SM and seem quite happy to avoid official channels.

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Happened to be on the VoV page on share point this morning and noticed that someone has put a question up on the existing Space Syllabus question querying the October 19 release since we are now into November.

Anyone else heard anything other that the initial SM content?

Usual poorly executed HQAC scheme.

Big media splash.
Exciting project announced.
Date given.
Fails to follow through on time, on budget or delivery.

Would rather they announced nothing, until release day.
That way at least, we would not be constantly disapointed.


You have a point there.

Glad about no badge though. Although I am intrigued about how the syllabus is delivered on Sqn Level

Me too.
I’ve got really excited cadets about this. Also it sounded like a great thing. Even with an OU endorsed certificate.

Just deliver it already HQAC!


“IBN and training this week”

What’s another week, it’s not as if they’ve had 4 months…

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You have to wonder if we just reminded them that there was something to launch . . . :laughing:


HQAC 1: do you think if we say nothing they’ll forget about it?
HQAC 2: good idea, means we don’t have to deliver any output for another quarter. errr…
HQAC: …nuts.