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I’ve been moderated on here previously for posting piccies of poor dress standards, so won’t post a link to any of the gash examples that I’ve seen over the last few weeks, but I have to ask who is vetting what ends up on social media.

A few examples I’ve seen include belts undone, wedgewoods long sleeved with one arm rolled up the other long and no tie, a officer in blues wearing a beret, a cadet wearing a stable belt over a pair of grey coveralls. These all being on ‘offical’ accounts - not personal.

My thought is we must do better than this, it looks terrible and doesn’t set the right standards; so please if you are your unit’s IC Social Media please vet what you are putting out or better still get your staffs and cadets to be in compliance with the uniform standards in the first place.

(minor rant over :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

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No one specifically. But when there are real mess ups, it’s up to anyone who sees it to report it. I can think of a couple of good examples where people have uploaded stuff (not necessarily uniform related) that has been taken down pretty quickly after a polite email.

Some of those are pretty bad.

I’m not even in uniform, but I agree we should try to do better. That may occasionally mean sticking your neck out to let someone know they’ve done something silly. But that is better than them ending up on FYBUK.

I’m the main poster (ok basicaly the only poster) to my wing’s SM and have been the cause of a few headaches for my WWO (and my sqn OC for that matter on the Sqn SM).

I try to always get someone else to have a quick look over, whether that is the WWO or another SNCO (especially for uniform and drill matters) or just any other CFAV.

I would never post content showing uniform as you’ve described but if they look smart and i haven’t immediately spotted something then I’m not worried since my focus is on celebrating the cadet and the cadet experience.


Were they having a Freemasons night or something?

this is pretty much the truth based on my experience

although in my experience of a very obvious case it was defended up to the hilt with the final answer being “we tried our best” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Sounds like the standard HQAC media reply on Facebook :wink:

But yeah, people do generally try their best, which is why if I see something I’ll let them know! If it’s posted by someone I actually know I’ll happily ping then a message on Facebook or whatever.

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well that is nail and head.

I did the right thing and raise it to Wing and from there up the CoC reached HQAC…they questioned why I had a problem with the photo, to which I quoted the relevant lines.
a bit of to and fro about how the situation came about (which wasn’t my beef) and the end reply was “we tried our best”