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Trying to submit an application for an activity, but there’s no authorisation tab to be seen.

I assumed that this might be because there’s no IC activity listed, but that box is greyed out - and listing myself as ‘director’ on the staff list doesn’t seem to have made any difference either.

is it a MISC activity?


Extra characters

MISC do not require approval and are automatically allocated a local number.

Interesting… so one can do pretty much anything you want if it’s a leadership exercise, for example, without any oversight?


Maybe it should be “other” then? Wonder what the difference is?

One requires weary oversight and one doesn’t?

I work to the principle of if it’s in my compound and I could be doing it on a parade night it’s a Misc.

That’s the Grand question!

No explanation has ever been given to my knowledge.

Quick question then…

If i run an activity on a non parade night but sqn ONLY based. Do we

  1. need an sms activity?
  2. Need TG forms.

If yes to either can someone reference me the black and white on sharepoint please.


I’ve never seen a reference for either, depending on what it is I might put a Misc on just so their is a record (but that’s mostly for my record keeping) I certainly wouldn’t be getting TG forms.

ahhh :thinking:

as far as my understanding goes

if you are doing an activity which doesn’t fall on your two parade evenings it needs and SMS activity.
if none of the preset headings (AT, Shooting, PiPE etc) work then it becomes MISC

seems as ever there are 34 different ways to do the same thing!

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The thing is that nowhere in the book does it mandate that you only have 2 parade Evenings a week, so if you have a semi-regular band practice on a non-parade night by some logic that’s a MISC and by mine it’s just that we sometimes parade 3 times a week.

Things that require a PIPE or a Shooting or and AT are somewhat different in that you would need to do that no matter what day of the week you do then on.

This should all be cleared up when the project as part of the “Valuing our Volunteers” work is complete to re-write of ACTO 10. indeed these sort of questions should be posted to them to make sure its covered.{590A238B-99FD-45AE-87F7-EDC9395B7018}&file=ACTO%2010%20DRAFT%202.docx&action=default&mobileredirect=true

Isn’t Band Practice a register option?

You can stipulate Band Practice in the SMS registers so presume that absolves the need for PIPEage / MISCage?

That’ll teach me to read the whole thread…!

I concur with the user above.

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You had 2 more comments to go!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Sorry to go off subject but I need some help. How does one create new Flight names on SMS. We have a new influx of junior cadets and I am going to put them in to two separate flights. I thought that would be easy but…nope I cannot find the bit to edit. Any ideas please?

thanks advance

Cadets > flights management > manage flights

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