SMS Access for cadets

My squadron wants me to take on either deputy Training Officer or deputy Adjutant, as I have asked for more of a staff role on the squadron, as I am a staff cadet and I can’t do much on squadron course wise, or deliver lessons as this is taken by our CI’s and adult staff and they want me to start taking a step back to assist the staff and cadets alike.

Are cadets allowed access to SMS/SharePoint? Can you restrict people from accessing certain things? Would you give a Cadet Flight Sergeant access to it?



You can have access but there are some challenges and someone correct me if I’m wrong but they are;
1 - the generic account wont let you have access to SMS without someone with a personal account also entering their details.
2- You can have access to one of the role accounts(I.e. Adj, Training Officer etc) but you require a BPSS for that.

These are 2 quite big hurdles to jump, especially in a lockdown situation

On my Sqn when we ask cadets to do stuff on Bader we will log them in an supervise them doing it.

The first one is an easy hurdle to jump - one merely creates a personal account for the Cdt NCO the same as one would for a generic member of staff.

As Staff Cadets are required to have BPSS (our wing has started processing them) and to have completed Responsible for Information then I’d have no concerns over giving access to a Staff Cadet the same as a CI.

Each account can be given permissions to “view”, “create”, “edit”, or “delete” (in any combination) for a number of areas.

It’s even encouraged for staff cadets to take on some of these responsibilities- a very common on is for them to update registers

The Information Management Course is part of your AVIP so should already been completed.

Explain? Do you mean allocating training/adj/SNCO to the cadet?

I think he means, if you arent a named account the OC can create you an SMS login which you use with the generic account.

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Did not know that!

Yeah anyone with access to generic account can be given an SMS account

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All of my Cadet SNCO’s have personal accounts and access to SMS.

Under 18’s only have access to the registers but Staff Cadets have access to event management so that they can put their own on the system if they are running something.


This is happening at my unit

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This isn’t new, it’s been the case for years. All of my staff have access as do my staff cadets. I don’t give other cadets access as a rule because then I’d have to train them all to use it. I’d rather train those who stay on longer so it’s worth my while.


I also asked if i can be in charge of Media and Communications so social media and the squadron footprint, as I enjoy media and study it too. However, awaiting a response.

Does this mean we get access to the mail function if we need to mail staff?

Did you never wonder what the 3rd and 4th log in boxes were for?

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What I give them is very limited so the training only takes moments, we have started to use an iPad alongside paper for registers. (Paper for a fire but electronic straight onto Bader).

It’s the dream for me too, I just haven’t got there yet (although we did buy a Surface just before lockdown so they could do this too)

Alright… wow you’re Sqn in the home counties then?

A surface tab. Jesus. We bought a £60 cheapo one.
Especially if cadets going to be using it.
Would rather lose a £60 one than a £600 one!

I’m tempted to just install a plain, flat monitor in a fancy looking case at “pedestal height” and watch as the cadets try to touch screen it, fruitlessly.


Or, my squadron has an active fundraising program and we have enough cash that purchasing stuff isn’t ever an issue. We bought it for more than just doing registers. We will take it away with us when we do activities so we can access stuff online without needing to bring a personal laptop. It will be used for cadets to access the portal at squadron if they want to. It will access our stores database without the bulk of a PC being in the room. It’s another device for exams to take place on.

As ever, very easy to criticise or be jealous but far harder to actually be creative.

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Erm money isnt an issue…

More arent you worried about cadets breaking it… or are all yours so amazing they never make mistakes?

Of course not. But by that logic I’ll never buy anything above £10.

We’re insured, we expect them to treat equipment well. It isn’t a difficult concept.

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