Should I still wear my MTP uniform to parade tomorrow if it mean dragging it around with me all day?

I’ll keep this short:
Tomorrow I’m cycling into town(about 50 minutes away) with a non-ATC mate but I still want to make the parade night. I don’t live near my sqn so I’m unable to go home to change into uniform, however the town is only a 10 minute ride away. I know it’s usually fine to wear civies to a parade night if there’s a valid reason, but to what extent is a reason reasonable? Is “I didn’t want to crease my uniform while it’s in my backpack” a valid reason?

That sounds reasonable to me, but it is not me you need to answer to :wink:

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Yep sounds OK to me. Mind you would anyone know MTP has been in a rucksack all day?
You could wear part of it being out with you mates. I see all manner of people in surplus, which is all the MTP we get is and no one bats an eyelid.

Roll it up before you put it in the bag rather than folding or crumpling it. It would probably be fine.



As per the above though, rolling is better than stuffing.

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Thanks for all the replies. In the end I rolled them up and kept it together with some elastic bands, along with a suitable shirt and my beret.

If it makes a difference I meant DPM, not MTP.