Shooting Hubs

Has anyone heard anything about the Shooting Hubs going - it’s being told as a Regional Instruction ready for L144 going.

It seems to have come out of the blue, there is still courses being run to get qualified on them and they aren’t that out of date. But they are quickly being “closed” the hubs but not the ranges

The L144 isn’t going for a couple of years yet unless theyve decided locally to bin it.

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Its fine now it’s edited. A RC at one point was live updating on twitter as he went round a Wing delivering rifles once, so we’ve seen worse! Including photos from inside too!

As for your actual question of if this is happening everywhere, the answer is certainly no.

Does it have an Out of Service Date (OSD)?

It’s the contract end date, can’t remember what it is off the top of my head there are years left.

As part of the cut back it was discussed getting rid of it but there is actually negligible savings to be had to the RAFAC.

When was it ‘going’, has there been any formal annoucement or plan released to this?
If there is can you point me to it… must uave missed it.

Nothing has been announced from HQ about it going anywhere.

The L144 seems pretty short-lived compared with its predecessor.

I think I’ve only ever seen 1…

There were No8s that were older than most Sqns. I’m sure we had one that was stamped as 1943!

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Cr@p design & spec - pay cheap, get rubbish. Should have accepted a higher price per unit to get quality off the shelf “youth” .22 target rifles (Anschutz, Walther, whatever) to guarantee longevity, servicing & add-ons.

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Did the .22 L85 ever materialise?

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I remember using a .22 conversion kit to fire the L85A1 on the indoor range at our old TA Centre, but I heard they were withdrawn when the L85 was upgraded to A2 standard (which would be ironic, because both were HK).

There is one and it has an official L number now but it’s expensive and I’ve not looked at whether it could actually be stored on units or is still section 5.

The conversion kits were okay if looked after but didn’t alter the rating of the weapon so couldn’t be stored on units anyway.

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Conversion kits were withdrawn and then came back for the A2. We used them once on an SR course for the indoor element.

They have since been withdrawn again I believe. The RAFAC doesn’t own any so we don’t get much sight of the info on them.

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I used the LIAI SLR with a .22 conversion kit on our indoor range, great fun.

It should be a Section 1 forearm, as long as they haven’t just bodged it together.

Surely depends on how many you are buying? If we go out and buy 2000 plus the ACF, CCF and SCC that could make it more affordable. Imagine the savings in VA and other expenses if you only need 1 course for both weapons.

Very strong arm! :wink:

Typical “gallery” .22" rifles are semi-automatic & Section 1. Typical example - buy these & then cadets can start on simple mag drills, easy transition to L98A2.