Shooting First Aid

Judging by the new IBN, it seems First Aid at Work is mandatory for range first aiders now? Unless this is something that has been blindly copied without thought for AFA?


  1. All ranges are mandated to be equipped with NSN 6545-99-562-3321 First Aid kit, Ten Person, Medical Module 069 in accordance with Reference A.


  1. Med Module 69 is to be used in accordance with AC71855-C. It is to be used by a CFAV qualified and in date of the First Aid (FA) at work qualification. This includes all live firing ranges, blank firing training and at all Detachment ranges (0.22 & Air Rifle).

I did wonder. Will be asking my WShO.

They are quoting Cadet Training Ranges - 2021 where FAW is the mentioned qualification. (Para 2-41)

There are some bits happening to keep AFA as useable, speak with your Wing First Aid Officer.

Can you elaborate…

Not my speciality so I wouldn’t want to muddy the water here and I’m not 100% on specifics but apparently the first aid people know the crack. If the Wing one doesn’t then the Region one should.

Edit to add, Para 2-41b of CTR allows exemptions which I believe is the supporting piece that is needed to make sure AFA is still useable. It’s obtaining that exemption cert that needs the FA people.

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It came in a while ago, with new CTR. AFA has been approved as an alternative by HQ.


Got a ref for that.

Also welcome.

Thanks :blush:

Only ref I have is email trail via TSA. I’ve run a couple of ranges recently with an AFA first aider and they’ve been approved by Region, no questions asked :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Apparently more comms are coming from HQ on this today.


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I have also had it confirmed that AFA is acceptable albeit by email and not in any specific policy.

@Paracetamol I’ve found a decent ref for you actually! Check out this and just search for first aid.


Ace. thanks.

So why does the IBM still state FAaW as a minimum?

:man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging: Email HQAC and ask? As with a lot of stuff that comes out via IBN, it doesn’t make too much sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Policy by email. I hate it…get the IBN updated if there is a waiver. It shouldn’t be that hard.


An email has just gone to all the shooty people with the ask to distribute it about it this from HQAC FA officer.

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Why don’t we just teach FAaW?


The RSD still allows you to select AFA…

Exactly this…

We do. The school nurse teaches AFA and then tops it up with the extra bits for FAAW as a bonus “through the school and not at all through cadets”. That way we keep HQ happy and they can get a badge whilst also getting a more widely recognised qualification