Shaving Berets (or not)

A few nights ago I got told off (by CO) for shaving my beret and putting a hole in it. The beret was very wooly/fluffy and definetly needed shaving if you ask me or any of the cadet NCOs. On closer inspection the hole wasn’t one and was just the middle bit with a little X where the wool meets. Apparantly the new RAF berets don’t need shaved.

So, to shave or not to shave?

No you don’t shave berets, jumpers or any other clothes…
I’m Sick to my back teeth with cadets coming In with holes in there kit, my dad/ grandad/ great grans cousins dogs friend told me when he was in the napoleonic war they all had to shave our clothes!!!
If there is excess oose/ fluff then use cellotape or one of the hand held de-oosing machines to remove not your dads best Mach 400 ultracut razor

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I have never shaved a beret in my life. There is no reason to.

[quote=“big_g, post:2, topic:2197”]
or one of the hand held de-oosing machines
[/quote]Which is also referred to “shaving”, just as de-fuzzing your face is “shaving” regardless to whether you use a blade or an electric shaver.

I agree that you there should be no need to use a blade to remove fluff, but there is certainly a case for using a de-pilling machine to remove fuzz and bobbling from garments and those little machines tend to work quite well. If left alone the new jumpers end up looking like mohair

If you are serious about uniform presentation then I would recommend it.$TMB$&wid=312&hei=312

Well… I have always shaved my jumpers and beret and was told to in training. Just don’t be stupid and shave it into an inch of its life. I also burn badges, sew to mould my beret, cut out the lining, use flames on my shoes… you name it, probably done it and was introduced to it in training.

As for the new berets being non-fluffy, they are talking rubbish. Yes any new beret won’t need it, after a while, probably a couple of years or so, possibly.

And what training were you undertaking though??
Were you 12/13 years old at the time never put a razor across your face / legs but attacking your jumper with a BIC one stroke, one cut disposable??

If you mess up something by “shaving” it in the regulars you can go to the stores and get a new one.
We have to reissue kit, so getting it knackered because someone doesn’t like a 'fluffy look" isn’t good.
The question to ask if some basic training NCO gets bent of shape due a bit of fluff, why are berets made with a felt type material and jumpers from wool, materials that lend them selves to bobbles and fluff. If I had the time to worry about this sort of thing, then I would consider my life complete and satisfied in all other aspects.
I know a few NCOs in the Wing get excited about this, but then they are shouty NCOs, I wouldn’t expect anyone with a modicum of intelligence won’t find it that exciting. One of SNCOs ‘shaves’ his jumper with one of the JML gadgets, but I have told him not expect cadets to do it.

I’ve never been one of the beret shaving brigade I’ve always found that a beret will “wear theough” that phase naturally.

I don’t actually have a jumper and haven’t for years, it infuriates some WO’s that I just wear a short sleeve shirt year round irrespective of the weather. (They mutter about uniformity and I point out that it only matters on a formal parade when I will be in my No1’s, WO’s can be such fun).

Well… thats very presumptuous and no it wasn’t, it was regular training.

It my surprise people but this is not the case. If you kept exchanging damaged uniform, you would end up in hot water. All exchanges are monitored and recorded. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, only OR can exchange uniform, for OF it can become a rather expensive game.

I just thought I would pipe up as someone that does do it. After all, there are many people who do it and don’t cause damage, then there are the few that do!

That’s the point I was making you were undertaking regular training and had some knowledge of using a razor, not cadet training

Precisely what sort of “knowledge of using a razor” is vital in ensuring that you don’t slash your clothes apart? :slight_smile: Have they never used a knife prior to beardiness?

Removing fluff with a blade will always be risky to the garment and maybe even to the person. I always advise great care if doing so and, furthermore, generally advise not to use a blade but a device specifically designed for the purpose.

Hehe - they should visit my squadron some time. Within the set order of dress, staff can wear it as they wish, as can the cadets. Uniformity is only a concern for formal occasions, not for daily working dress.

Its taken 5 years at my current Squadron to beat that concept into the cadets, they still prattle on about when its time to go into short sleeves from time to time! How many years ago did that go out?! Long before any of them joined I know that much.

I had something similar the other day when we were in no 3 (psst, don’t tell the powers that be, they will hang, draw & quarter me for allowing cadets to wear combat uniform).

Two cadets saw me wearing my MTP smock & asked ‘are there different rules for MTP and DPM? We were told we weren’t allowed to wear smocks in the building’.
My reply ‘it’s the middle of winter, this building is poorly insulated & it’s -1 outside & in. Would you wear your jumper if we were in blues?’

I never found out who had told them that, but some of the previous staff left a lot to be desired…