Selling of Uniform by ex VRT Officers

Looking around ebay for a couple of items and was shocked to see VRT uniform being sold. Now I know some people purchase spares/replacements and non issue kit and this is their own. Saw a set of “VRT” No 1’s ranked at Pilot Officer (less than 2 years old) Clicked on “Sellers Other Items” and there was all the free issue kit, some in original packaging!

Should there not be a “return or pay” (on a depreciating scale) policy?

PWS for VRT? Why not? Would free up funds for cadet activities or paid Support Staff to enhance the organisiation or No 1’s for Adult NCO’s?

Comments please

I’m not sure this is exclusively a VRT issue - but does extend to NCOs and ex-cadets too!

If you think a fraud has taken place, then it might be best to report it formally rather than posting on the internet?

Regarding “paying it back”; it certainly has merit… but I suspect the administration costs involved might outweigh the benefits.

Not fraud. More a “Loophole” & exploited by a very few… .
The Plt Off ones annoy the most. Not sure of cost but cannot be under £500??
Maybe nopay for Plt Off’s or maybe no No 1 Suit until Fg Off?

Where do you keep the stuff? And surely this shouldn’t just apply to us but to regulars too, the amount of kit that people don’t hand back must be astonishing.

I’m all for PWS, but realistically how are you going to administrate it?

Tbh not sure how it could/would be administerd. We all know sqns with a stash of old No1’s. Perhaps as simple as sqn hold and notify wing of size??
Not sure cost of doing would save enough?
Perhaps no No1 Suit til Fg Off?
Perhaps stop issuing No 1’s entirely.
Think of the saving? How many people are commissioned each year?

There would be a saving, but I don’t think it would come from HQAC’s budget. Wouldn’t it come from the RAF budget, and so in real terms we wouldn’t have any extra money to play with.

Well you have surprised me. Assumed HQAC funded?
Live and learn as they say
Could positively encourage re cycling though?

I don’t know where the money comes from, I’m just speculating.

If you consider that the numbers are as you say: “a very few”, why do you let it bother you? If this is being done by “very few” then the cost of administering a scheme to eliminate the issue would be more costly, don’t you think?

I daresay the cost to the RAF of making a set of No.1 uniform would be far less than the retail cost of purchasing one?

Lol. Go on then, propose that and see how many decide to commission…

Then we just see “a very few” Fg Offs flogging their kit online…

Personally, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. The military have been flogging kit in one form or another since the time of Caesar. It’s not right and it’s against regulations but even the minimal number of prosecutions haven’t stopped it and probably never will.

True. However it is wrong, people should be made to return, just as ID,
I stand by no pay for first 2 yrs perhaps with caviat it counts as a deposit. You get it on return of kit.

I don’t believe the right people would be put off.

I would argue why No 1’s at all but thats another discussion…

i think a sale or return basis would work.

hand back all yoru kit and get ££££ for it.
yes it is PWS as a majority but saves the effort of trying to sell it.
would the MOD pay as much as you’d get privately? certainly not…so probably still doesn’t solve the problem.

besides, why pay someone for something they were given for free…MOD would end up paying twice for kit.

A Plt Off is paid something like £69.00* per day, ( for 28 days a year. What you’re proposing is that they forfeit pay to the tune of approx: £3864.00 over 2 years.

A tad high in relation to the cost of uniform? Anyway, what about those that DON’T flog their kit? Slightly harsh on them to say the least.

*current RAF pay scales - I don’t have the VR(T) pay scales to hand.

Pre tax/NI. As I intimated this would be payable on leaving less kit deductions.

Now I did ask for opinions on this and would seem the “Clan McWillnotwork” see no need so I bow to the majority.

Appears pay means more than I thought (to some)and re directing resources to cadet activities mean less.

I take it a compromise of no No1’s for 2 years would be met with same negativity? Or do away with No1’s altogether?

You’re asking turkeys to vote for Christmas! The situation we have now is much more agreeable to everyone except the taxpayer, and they’re being swindled for billions already.

Swindled for millions?

Not sure where turkeys come into it?

[quote=“Sudders” post=24231]Swindled for millions?

Not sure where turkeys come into it?[/quote]

Turkeys voting for Christmas is where you ask people to vote for something against their self-interest. At Christmas, turkeys go in the oven, and if they had the choice they’d probably vote against it.

The taxpayer isn’t being swindled by this organisation, but I think there’s lots of areas where the government wastes a lot of money. Ex-VR(T) officers putting kit on eBay is a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things.

I understood the reference to turkeys, just not in this context.
Look at it as intended by original post…
If, by reducing clothing bill it was possible to inject extra money into cadet activities would you say yes or no?

[quote=“Sudders” post=24233]I understood the reference to turkeys, just not in this context.
Look at it as intended by original post…
If, by reducing clothing bill it was possible to inject extra money into cadet activities would you say yes or no?[/quote]
Different budgets, old bean, different budgets.

If a budget isn’t used up, then that budget is reduced with the MOD bean-counters looking to see on what other wasteful projects they can spend the balance on.

Re-directing a surplus balance to cadet spending probably wouldn’t even figure in their minds…

Are you a Labour or SNP supporter? Seems like it with that attitude. “You don’t agree with my opinion so I’m going to get the hump” type of approach.

As I work for myself as a Director of a business, I lose a not inconsiderable amount when I attend cadet activities, so damn right I want my daily pay - sorry, [I]Volunteer Allowance[/I] - rate.

Expecting any budget surplus to be redirected as I mentioned above, is just sheer naivety on your part. I would imagine it would take a tremendous amount of persuasion on the part of 2* or 3* RAF personnel to get the mandarins in Whitehall to even consider it. Even so, any surplus that the ACO isn’t perceived to need should end up going - quite rightly - to the regular & reserve forces.

Politics not in it. Although your colours seem to be flying high?
And throwing insults? Would seem I may have touched a nerve?