SD Cap with MTP?

Nice …:… also wearing tactical ‘low visibility’ rank slides when not in an operational environment :crazy_face:

The WO looks rather disappointed

God no.

What is wrong with people.

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I believe it’s allowed in the dress regs for 3* and above. I can’t tell what rank this guy is - maybe just an Air Commodore?

Is he a Royal? Or an honorary?

Hon Air Cdre

That’ll be why then, does what he wants.

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I’m more concerned about open ammunition pouches on the webbing.

Probably doesn’t have a Beret.

Group Captains and above in Forage Caps & Greens has always been a thing.

Have we had an “official” stop order on berets with No2 yet?

I am more concerned to why cadets (I presume they are cadets) are wearing noddy suits and respirators. And what is that guy doing on the top right hand corner on the top of the bank.

WWO’s all seem to have sent out emails by the sounds of it.

Don’t think they’re cadets.


Very much looks like having a Pee

There’s no way those are cadets! :rofl:

Looks like a Senior Officer from an allied force present as well.

Isn’t that a Scottish hat?

I thought that was just for side caps (because one of them kept doing it.

I have seen air officers doing this before though - have they made it official?

Yes - doesn’t look like a British Army cap badge or rank slide though as far as I’m aware

No. The crown almost looks Dutch?

What a puzzle.

OPFOR, clearly

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