SAAI Pre Requisites

Can a SGT (ATC) or Ocdt who has not yet attended SSIC or OIC still carry out IWT on the L98 and if passed, then attend the SAAI course?

No, they can’t attend any SATT courses until substantiated in rank.

Most would allow it though if they had agreement from their RC.

Neither of those ranks exist either - just to assist :slight_smile:


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Just remember IWT for staff must be done through the local SATT team and you also require a BPSS clearance

IWT through the local SATT is some local rubbish. IWT is IWT, if it’s completed by a qualified, current and competent SAAI/WI and you pass the test then that’s all that matters.

Also worth noting that you should probably have SC not just BPSS as you will have responsibility for weapons on your own, similar to how RCOs require it.

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When i toyed with the the idea of doing SAAI through the central training team at HQAC i was told they would only accept me on the course if my IWT was completed through SATT

I’m afraid that would be here-say from somewhere, was never a rule.

IWT though a SATT if you wish to use that skill as part of a shooting qualification. If you just want to blatt it off, then any SAAI/WI can train you. This was instigated when the L98A2 came into use and is about Tier-2 training and ensuring level of quality of training in those running the shooting world.

Perhaps the “local rubbish” is at Bob’s end.

He’s pretty much right about SC for anybody wanting to work in the shooting world though, though as I’ve said before it really should be for all uniformed CFAV.

You’re referring to the cascade training for conversion on to weapon systems. That’s never affected anyone attending SAAI and only affected RCOs converting on to weapon systems.

It’s been similar for the L144 recently and was brought in when the L98 A2 was released as well but should not have been continued beyond the initial conversion of staff on to the system. Those who are initially trained on the weapons system by someone who is already current and competent before gaining qualifications would be fine.

Thanks for all your replies! Might be worth just asking the person in question to apply anyway and I’m sure the only way to find out is when she is rejected

Make sure all the hoops are jumped through - last year, couldn’t get someone on an air rifle only RCO cse as no SC…

I presume that you were told that by a third party, and not directly by the CTT?

I have worked with the CTT in the past and I know some of them very well, I find it hard to believe that came from them.

Is your SATT ScottSATT?

Nah 3 SW SATT recently announced the lifting of a rule that only SATT could train staff for IWT.

Definitely a SATTism… IWT is IWT. I’ve trained plenty of staff.

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IWT / WHT do not have to be carried out by local SATT.

I’m not part of the local SATT. I’m a SAAI. I trained a member of staff, did his WHT and last year he completed his SR RCO course.

No questions were asked.

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It’s ironic really, given that it’s because of the old batch of SATT instructors that we nearly lost shooting altogether.

If we complete IWT, can you then progress onto RCO courses without any specific range experience?

You can but it is advised that you have been on one or two so you have a basic understanding of the processes before your course.


That’s correct - but it has to be in that order. If you had an RCO who needed IWT on a new weapon then it would need to be carried out by a SATT