Rules - Suspension. Scenario #2

Hi all,

One of my friends who is in the cadets but age 19 ask to me he was suspended because of a potential police investigation. But the RAFAC said to him without prejudice. But still got suspended.
He thinks it might be by his step dad.

But i would like to know whay are the procedures of suspension without prejudice?

Nope, perfectly normal. Anyone under a police investigation will be suspended pending the outcome of that.

But i would like to read up on the ACP if suspension if there is a thing!

It will be within ACP20

What is the latest version of the acp20


PI501 is the main section about cadets and does include a template suspension letter, but other sections in the 1xx range may be relevant too.
There is a lot about CFAV suspension which may not be directly relevant to the cadet situation.

Does the individual know the reason for the suspension i.e. the subject of the police investigation?

No. He only knows that the HQ doesn’t know anything about the potential police investigation and he will be contacted by LADDER.

I would watch what you say regarding locations or details of the incident. This is an anonymous forum, its best to keep it that way. Otherwise you by giving even small details could compromise an investigation.

Thanks. But does anyone know the procedure that the RAFAC can use.

How do you mean?

Cadets who are suspended are done without prejudice. A letter will be sent to the cadet (being over 18 it will be addressed to the cadet) informing them of the suspension. Once further information is got then disciplinary procedures could be followed. If there is nothing then the cadet will be reinstated with no mark on any record.

Yep, he did get a letter but on said he suspected without prejudice with a prot police investigation. And he would like to know what procedures they can use

I am confused what you mean by this. Can you clarify?

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He only has some time left in the cadets and someone told him he should have got a letter weeks ago ish but obly got it just a couple of days ago and got told he can’t do cadets because of the ongoing thing. And he would like to know the procedures of how someone can be suspended without prejudice on a matter that the police doesn’t know about and the HQ only knows its a potential police investigation

It all comes down to the actual incident over why the cadet will have been suspended. Without knowing the details we wouldn’t know. If the corps have been informed that there is an ongoing or potential police investigation, depending on the information given a suspension may be beneficial for the safety of either other cadets or the cadet who has been suspended.

The best thing this person can do is to contact the person who wrote them a letter and ask them for further clarification.

How a person becomes un-suspended is another matter. I suspect time is not on their side.


He did that yesterday and he said that the LADDER will contact when they knie something.

Without knowing what LADDER is, if that was only yesterday then you may have a wait to find out what the information is.

As @incubus has said, at 19, time may not be on their side. Suspensions are not that common and the ones i know of normally take time to sort themselves out either way.

Are you sure it wasn’t LADO he was talking about.?

About LADOs

From my experience, in matters that involve external agencies, HQAC will suspend without prejudice, and do nothing until the matter is resolved by said agencies. Only then will they start an investigation, and deal with appropriately.

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What is that