Rules on SI as Sqn Commander

Can anyone point me to the rules on an SI commanding a Sqn - allowed or not?


It poses problems for HQAC as SIs are not recorded on Universe, only locally on SMS (no idea why, I think we need to fix this process with the new system but there can’t receive any allowances from us so I assume that is the reason)

This means the SI can be allocated as the OC on the system.

is there anything in the JSPs? I know a SI Sgt cant become a RAFAC Sgt…ive asked that question before but its not our regs its the RAF.

This would be an RAF Officer as Sqn OC…cant find anything at the moment

This sounds like a Wexo Q


All i can find is this:

In accordance with Reference B, Regular Armed Forces personnel may not be enrolled as CFAV, although they may help at cadet units as ‘Service Instructors’.

There seems to be nothing else other than that. At the back of my mind i do remember something about SI’s not being allowed to hold “command appointments” at Sqn/Wing/Region levels as it would cause a conflict with the requirements as a serving officer. But i cannot remember if i was told this (and it was rubbish) or if i read it somewhere.

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Regardless of how qualified they may be, I can see reasons why they can’t be OC, for example if they are deployed at short notice.

I’ve seen many positions held by regular and reserve staff in my wing and region.

Those persons have made the appointment work very well.

Would be something asking your WExO, but I don’t see why it can’t be done.

What constitutes a “command appointment”? I know of a few cases where SIs currently hold Wing and Region appointments

Why is that any difference to a Sqn OC who is RAFAC leaving / going NEP with no notice? This is not unusual…

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I beg to differ there, they can be trawled at a moments notice.

I know of RAFAC OCs phone up WHQs and say “I resign as of now - go find someone else to run my unit - I’ll drop my uniform off at WHQ tomorrow”


I’ve know a RAF Hofficer and RAF NCO taking up the position; down to no suitable candidate at squadron or in local area to cover.

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although that could happen, it wouldn’t be as predictable as Service personnel who are known by default to be deployable in minimal notice.

On a previous unit we had 3 SIs over a series of years but their attendance was so infrequent due to deployments (anything from a week else in the UK, to a month in USA to months in sandy places) and night flying duties that the we never knew what to do with them…

if an SI feels that they have the predictable work pattern to commit then great, and as an OC? well that is perfect, but if it isn’t a deployment there is always a transfer, a new tour, or something which could occur.
Gordon Moulds stint as CAC was cut short because of a greater opportunity for him…

It can be done, I know of an RAF Officer that was OC of a Squadron. He held the position for about a year before retiring from the RAF and moving away from the area.

I’ve known an SI be both a Sector Commander and a Squadron Commander over the years.

No it’s not impossible, but often more predictable and generally not at last minute notice.

Yes, they are allowed to be Sqn Cdrs. Regional Commandant’s recommendation/justification and approval by HQRAFAC I believe.

I don’t think they can as we had a sqn leader as an si but a flt lt as an oc

That’s not the same thing - you can have an SI as an OC (as you can a CI) if you a) don’t have an RAFAC officer to be OC, and the SI volunteers to be an OC.

An OC’s authority derives from their appointment as OC, not from them having (or not having) a greater rank than anyone else on the unit - I was an SI on two Sqn’s while a higher rank (both acting or substantive) than the OC, but the OC was the boss.