Royal visit

LASER region have all of the best kit & lots of happy looking CFAVs. Not representative of the rest of the UK.

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They get a royal visit, we are not even allowed into our building yet!

good PR though, well done 282


Don’t feel too bad. It’s not exactly representative of LASER either…

Aside, that looks deceptively like a Vigilant simulator that has been repurposed. :wink: I wonder how much they nabbed that for?


Are indoor activities permitted in England then?

We’re looking at the end of May at the earliest here.

yes they are with masks and SD in bubbles


I forgot how much I hate remove head dress with berets… Not that they did it necessairly wrong…just looks gash with berets

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Aside from it being The Mail and being far too interested in what Kate was wearing, what a fantastic piece of PR!


What’s wrong with beret? I don’t own an SD.

Just looks scruffy

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Looks like they must do things differently down south. A 13 year old Cdt Sgt, who’s been in for three years :man_shrugging:t2:

It is the Daily Heil

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I clicked on the link and now I feel dirty


Given that HRH the Duchess of Cambridge has several hours of civilian flying training under her belt I’m sure a bit of straight and level on a Tutorlant / Vigitor sim weren’t too taxing!

Great exposure for the squadron and glad to see it being done pretty informally (working dress rather than No1s etc) - more of what we typically do.