You know what really makes me laugh?

I’ve now had an email from the Director suggesting there’s a time and a place for such comments.


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Perhaps you didn’t understand their analogy and you thought that the team really were climbing a mountain. You were just offering your SME guidance :joy:


Maybe if he didn’t use such corporate BS you wouldn’t feel the need to respond like that.


Execs and higher management don’t realise how much they turn people off whatever it is they’re talking about when they play cliché bingo or go what I now refer to as “full Van Tam”.



I reminded myself of this:

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So tempted to send this to my stepmother. But she wouldn’t see the problem.

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Try and track down episodes of Charlie Brooker’s Daily Mail Island.

Inspired comedy.

So I consider myself to be tech savy enough not to fall for the scam delivery texts… Royal Mail/DPD etc… so today upon receiving a text from FedEx forwarded straight to SPAM (7726) as I was sure I wasn’t expecting anything (and no corresponding email)

Course 1hr later i have a light bulb moment and realise i do in-fact have a delivery, from the CAA no doubt - my updated flying license due tomorrow - oops, sorry FedEx :sweat_smile:


Urgh. Last time the CAA sent me something by FedEx, it took me about a week to manage to get hold of it.
I wish they’d just put a first-class stamp on…

It’s now an offence to use a stove or even a lighter in the Peak District. Actually making me laugh or I might cry at how ridiculous this order is.

I understand the need for it, but it’s way too generic. If I have a lighter on me then the police can confiscate it. If I use a stove ("ANy article or object which causes a naked flame) then I’m committing an offence…

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Just opt out of the £15 surcharge no? Then its sent via snail mail

This involved my logbook hence why I didnt opt out.

Having seen the mess chumps with no respect / forethought have created around here I entirely agree with the order personally!

What about for dofe?

So if I want to go for a walk in the peaks, to carry and use my jetboil I need the prior written consent from the council?

You’ll need permission from the council to use a stove!


As I say, I agree with what they are trying to stop, but it’s far to generic and means those of us not causing issues will inadvertently be breaking the law and could get fined.

I think there are exempt organisations (e.g. Scouts) but I can’t find where they are defined, so it might not be that straightforward.

In fairness, there are already, and have been for years, byelaws in place to restrict lighting of fires in the Peak District. The difference is they are relevant to access land - so if you’ve sparked up for a brew before you’ve been breaking the law.

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Section 6 gives exemptions. Youth groups not on there as far as I can see.

The schedule excludes licensed campsites. So you are fine if you cook on a campsite. Just not in some random field.

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Yeah. But now I can’t use my jet boil to boil up a brew. Even in a car park away from any risk of causing a fire.