Road marching experience?

I’ve just had a look on cadet portal for new events and there is road marching . I was about to sign up for it however it said I had to choose . Inexperienced (10km) or experienced (15km) . I was wondering which I should do .(context I have been on a 3 day camp in longmoor where there was marching between each destination - approx 18km per day ).

Road Marching and marching on camp are not the same - yes both walking, and yes both in a formation but not what you think.

given you are asking which one, i can only recommend the inexperienced option - someone who knows you better might advise otherwise but based on the information to hand I would suggest the 10km for you

Yes, if you’re new to the sport, i’d suggest the inexperienced option, you’ll learn about what it entails.

Although im not too sure why youre being offered a 10km inexperienced option considering Blue Road Marching (also for inexperienced cadets) is an introductory course to the sport and starts with a 15km walk.

Because if you’re new to the sport you might not even make it to the 15km and get your blue badge. You might only make it to the 8km mark, and then need motivating and cajoling around the rest of the course. I’d rather only have to do that for 2km than 7km!!!

Having a few sessions and building up to 15km might give a greater sense of achievement and not feel like the badge fell out of a cornflake box.

Lets not gove them ideas to make the Blue RM course any longer than it already is.

But i can see your point - i’ve definately had to carry bags for longer than i’d like to 🏋‍♂️

Does the blue badge actually exist? I thought the first physical badge was bronze?


Yeah it does, it’s effectively for 3 training sessions at 15, 20 and 25km each

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Yes sorry, my bad I meant, is there a physical badge to sew on for blue?

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Blue RM badge for brassard, yes.


Do you know if it mandatory to do the inexperienced? As I really don’t think it is necessary for me .

I am genuinely confused how it is more effort to do the Blue than the Bronze, Blue is 15,20,25km I believe? And bronze is 2 x 20km. Just makes no logical sense.

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I think the idea is that blue is training for the event, then bronze is actually doing the event. Train hard fight easy💪

To get the Bronze RM Badge, you need to have completed the 2x 20km (or I believe 1x 40km) plus the Blue requirements…

The Blue Badge includes mandatory climatic injuries training (needs to be kept up to date - in case you forget to “check your mates and end up being your own worst enemy”) plus training on drill manoeuvres / marching procedures etc whilst out and about, plus also education about correct kit management and personal preparation.

Being realistic - going straight out and doing a 20km march without any prior practice should be achievable - however, there is a very high chance that you may either incur an injury or some other negative experience - either from Ill-fitting clothing / footwear, lack of warming up, lack of hydration or even as simple as lack of sleep.

It’s a LOT easier to make sure the basics, such as correct kit, correctly tied boots etc are checked and dealt with during a shorter walk - especially if you need to bail, and require someone else to carry your bag!

The instructors have two goals - to make sure you enjoy yourself - and to make sure the activity is done safely & correctly.

I suspect the idea of “experienced vs inexperienced” ought to be a reflection of whether or not you’ve done any RM training - in particular the classroom bit and ANY distance walked.

We were briefed that in an ideal world, Blue “should” be deliverable at either Sqn or Sector level…

Bronze should be achievable at either a Wing level, as part of a training weekend - or - even potentially as a consolation for only achieving one day at Cosford or a similar 2 day event.

Silver has been moved to reflect completion of 2x 40km - ie both days at Cosford, or similar.

Gold can (realistically) only be earned at Nijmegen… but rumour has it, that this may change, to match ACRoMaTI’s requirements of 4x 40km - anywhere, so long as the activity is being recorded… but you’ll have to wait and see.

Has anyone had heard anything on what’s happening with Nijmegen 2023 ?

Had the IBN in December but nothing since!! Wings training but with no direction on places being available!! Where/When is qualifier, what about paperwork and payment!!

Probably to be announced with 2 weeks notice.

To HQ: We need to know now.
Safeguarding and safety issues come about because of rushed planning - it is important to mitigate this by giving sufficient notice.


RAFWARMA Cosford dates were announced on FB yesterday. Weekend of 15th & 16th April.

A post attached to the announcement said that there were still a few details TBC…

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With regards to Nijmegen - the official application process for participating as individuals / teams has changed slightly this year.

(For anyone still catching up - there is still no news from HQAC regarding RAFAC teams).

Unlike in previous years there is NO BALLOT - application to take part is in a first come, first served basis.

There will be two application windows.

First windows opens 1000 CET 23rd January for individuals walking towards their 2nd award or higher - and for those born between 2005 and 2011 - and teams.
This registration window closes either on 10th February at 1700 CET - OR when 47,000 applications have been made!

Second window opens to all other eligible participants on 13th February at 1000 CET but ONLY IF there were less than 47,000 applicants in the first window.
This registration window closes on 16th June at 1700 CET - OR when the 47,000 applications have been received.

As far as I’m aware there is still no news with regards any possible uplift in the number of RAFAC spaces within BMC - nor any news of changing the Comdt’s mind over civvie teams.

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Sounds like someone needs to get a move on to work out what the RAFAC participation is going to look like, otherwise it’s going to end up being 0.


Numbers of those participating in 2022 were down on normal - but based on reports from friends overseas, there’s talk of a LOT of interest in returning this year. This has been amped up because of the lack of a ballot - encouraging applicants to get their papers in ASAP.

2022 saw a marked reduction of Canadian and US regulars. Chatting to them, the general reason seemed to be due to the two year gap caused by Covid - people had rotated out of European postings etc, but apparently they ought to be coming back in a big way this year…

Whatever will be will be…