RIAT Online Store

The RIAT Cadet Detatchment has now upgraded from facebook as their online shop.
Could this be the start of a proper Air Cadet casual wear store?

Interesting how there’s some IACE items…

It’ll be good is this just became a standard RAFAC merch site covering various things.

As i understand it these are items which HQAC have in stores and (RIAT18 at least) saw an opportunity to sell on rather than simply dump!

What would be good would be have a default polo that was permissible with No3A…for you know uniformity…

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Now now Alex, you’re speaking common sense! Naughty boy… go to the corner and have a strong word with yourself!


if the IACE logo was unpicked it would be there…

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Now now. Far easier to dictate rules with the added bonus of allowing your over-zealous brethren to pop some veins over Pantone numbers and logos in incorrect positions!

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