Return of ATF

Anyone have any ideas when ATF might start running staff courses again, or if they have started already?

ATF have requested nominations for an Oct DI course…so i guess so…

First OIC courses are planned for September, although I expect it will be fully booked by people (like me) that were cancelled during lockdown.

Give WHQ a ring. There is also a sharepoint site where you can see what courses have spaces in, although the list might not be up to date

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I took a look at the list and I’ve seen some people booked in from summer courses later in the year, but it isn’t clear what has been cancelled and when they are resuming.

I’m booked in for Nov, so am hoping my course will go ahead still, it’s now fully booked.

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I would guess those courses just haven’t been removed from sharepoint for some reason. I had an email from ATF admin asking if I wanted to rebook onto the September course, but I was already rebooked onto December (and didn’t want to risk them not being ready and the September course also being cancelled)

Sounds likely a Sept start! I’ve not heard anything (but was originally booked for Nov anyway)…


I’ve heard they are aiming for Sept.

Well, I’ve just had details come through the CoC about OC ATF and WO ATF conducting 90min per Region open sessions via teams for eveyone to join and get their questions answered.

So I suggest asking your Wing or Region Training Officer for the details if you haven’t seen them yet.

I hope so. Have had my JI’s for the Sep’ OIC. Buggered if I’m going all that way just to be turned back.

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Missed out on OIC by a week and a bit. :pensive:

You’ll get your chance.
I wouldnt get too excited by it.

Tbh 50% could be delivered over teams.
With only a day in the hanger and a day of drill required.

The more I reflect on OIC and SCC (long time ago now) I realise what an absolute crock of dog poop it is.
Especially SCC. That truly is a worthless exercise.

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Don’t forget the fact we had to swim out of the hangar.

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One of my staff has been told SSIC is going ahead early September.

If you’ve never experienced anything of the air cadets before, from any angle, then OIC has some use.

If you’ve had any experience, it’s a tick box exercise.


Certainly sounds like a Sept start.

As for the usefulness of OIC, I’ve seen the course rundown, and I’m not sure what more I’ll learn, but everyday’s a school day!

And staying in an officers mess for the first time will at least be a new experience.

And an opportunity to meet some new people, have a good time and possibly even make some friends - as a bit of a socialite even if the course content isn’t massively helpful, as long as I meet some nice people that’ll be worthwhile for me!

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I’m just looking forward to a week of getting some sleep away from the kids and not having to spend time with the wife. #onlyhalfjoking

But what if they are thankful for time away from you too?!?

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A colleague from my Squadron and I are booked on to the SSIC course in November so I might see one or two of you then :slight_smile:

I’m sure she will be

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I was due to go down for SSIC in September but I’ve since been told the course has been cancelled due to an RA coming back saying there can only be a max of 12 students per course. They’ve since established another course in October now.

I’ve seen there’s also an email being distributed down the chain regarding a talk being held by OC ATF for anyone interested in order to ask questions etc.