Reserve Day (Uniform to work)

Tomorrow is reserves day, I have seen an post on an ACF site which indicates CFAV can wear there uniform as well. Without wanting to “Walt it up” we have just started a recruitment campaign wouldn’t it make sense that we were actively encouraged to do so to raise more awareness of the CFAV role. Obviously I understand that some people can’t/wouldn’t want to.

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Not going to make a huge impact when - at a guess - a substantial majority of CFAV are working from home.


We’ve been encouraged to do it before. I know I did before the pandemic sent us all home, but then we had an active Reserves and Cadets network.

I’ll be wearing mine tomorrow, been encouraged to do so my our trust that are big supporters of the armed forces community.

I’m not going to be wearing mine, but mainly because that would require me getting out of my PJs and I have no meetings planned


I’ll be wearing my uniform to work… but only because I don’t have time to change between teaching and CCF parade! I do it most Wednesdays to some extent.

I took part in “uniform to work day” once upon a time at my current employment and barely got any reaction, and only recall a few people questioning me along the lines of either “have you just got back from a something” or “have you got a thing after work you’re rushing off to?” – those people already knowing what I do and so curious as to “what” I was up to rather than “why”.

I am not sure what reaction I expected but what I got didn’t empower me to feel proud of what I wore, only that I was “showing off” – hey look at me standing out from the crowd.
I have since learnt I work alongside a handful of Scout/Guide leaders and would feel very walty wearing my uniform now as a CFAV given my “service” is no more than theirs and restricted to the youth community rather than (serving my) “country” which for the Reserves tells a bigger story.

I suppose that single day had a longer impact, I was perhaps seen as someone to go to should anyone want to know more about the Air Cadets, but I am not keeping my CFAV status hidden at work and so doubt I needed to be in uniform for the word to get out!

If the day had better press, and it was known by the public in the same way we’re familiar with Shrove Tuesday, Halloween or Bonfire Night as a “minor” holiday in the calendar I think I would feel more comfortable doing it as people would understand it.

I also wouldn’t do it now as I would feel like a fraud. As proud as I am of my uniform, my “service” and what I achieve at Squadron, I do not see myself as a member of the Armed Forces – we do not complete the attestation even when we were VRT so see it as a tenuous link to the MOD to dress up as a CFAV on such a day


I wouldn’t personally as I am a CFAV and not a reserve anymore, would feel a bit walty to be honest. That said personally I feel a little awkward wearing the RAF beret badge when in uniform but am new to being a uniformed CFAV.

Maybe something during Volunteer week a few weeks back would have been more appropriate and have had more of an impact.

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I spend a lot of time in meetings with people from all over.

I would be ok with uniform if I had calls with any of the 5 eyes nations but some of our European neighbours are rather sensitive about military matters. And frankly Zoom calls are long enough without explaining why.

Same applies to the scouts who have had a ‘woggle at work’ day or some such. Just seemed a little odd!

@steve679 this stuff came up while the CFC was being touted as the best thing since sliced bread - a devaluation, a demeaning, being ‘lesser’.

I’m afraid you’re not the first person who feels the way you do, I sympathise, and I feel sorry that you’ve been put into this position.


WRT Volunteer Week, when you look at what some people who volunteer within the community with greater responsibility and makes us look like imposters and they don’t need fancy dress to make the point. I look at those on CWCs without whom sqns would not function, they just go about their business and no special clothes.
I know a number of CFAV who volunteer within their local communities (me included) so wearing a uniform just for Air Cadet stuff.

I volunteer 6 hours a week plus travel time to do my parade nights, plus uniform prep time.

I volunteer a further couple of hours a week planning and prepping materials for our training programme.

I give up probably on average at least 1.5 weekends a month, who knows how many hours, to facilitate wing and regional courses.

I’m constantly thinking of useful and engaging things for our cadets to do.

I turn up in all sorts of weather to all sorts of events, most of which might interest me, some of which I couldn’t give two hoots about so interested cadets can go.

I put up with admin and a plethora of BS that being part of a big organisation entails.

And (99%) I do it professionally whilst setting an example.

My long suffering partner has given up a lot for cadets too - the weekends together, the week long camps I’ve disappeared on etc.

All for the benefit and love of aviation, and wanting to help support young people to have a flavour and learn the life skills so they can go and enjoy the life experiences that I am confident I have only enjoyed due to the discipline and confidence cadets gave me to go and take the opportunities that come my way.

I’m not a Walt. But I am proud of my uniform, I am proud of our organisation…

I am not extraordinary in this organisation. Almost all of us can claim the same.

And I take issue with and refute the insinuation that I am an imposter in fancy clothes.

We have just as much as any other volunteer to be proud of.


Don’t dispute our volunteering or levels of commitment to our young people. Just personally, in this specific circumstance of Reserve Day, would be uncomfortable wearing uniform


And that’s fine. Personally I won’t be either, but everyone at work know what I do…

I just feel that we very often do ourselves an injustice by saying it’s dressing up, or we’re not as valuable as this or that…


Just once, I would bloody love to do it. I just don’t know if I would be allowed to be heard.


@Baldrick aka Lord Harley the second

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I wish! I don’t even have one medal.

Neither did he, didn’t stop him wearing them

His were all validly awarded.

Just, ya know, by himself.

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An absolute (non forum friendly word) to appear against, and not because he was a good advocate.

And back to topic I think it really all depends. The last time I did it CFAVs were asked to take part by the reservists to increase the visible uniform presence. They also actively pushed people towards us who expressed interest in the forces at the recruitment stand but were worried about deployment. If you’re the only one in your office then I can see being wary.

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