Removal of the 3822s?

So I was on Sqn the other day and I was getting a WHT signed in my 3822 by the handler and he was saying that he wouldn’t need to do this anymore as apparently there are plans for 3822s to be removed? I was wondering if anyone could shine any light on this as I’m rather confused. How would we prove that we are cadets when e.g. entering MOD stations? I don’t know if this is corps wide or just wing wide (which I doubt). But yes just curios and if there is any info I’d love to hear it.

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There is already a thread on this.

Ah right, thank you.

There was another thread about this a while ago. Have a look on that. Mixed responses! We are supposedly gettting an app. Cadets without smartphones get a card with a qr code apparently! Dont ask…

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