Regimental Ties. 2 Part Question

We all like to belong and show our loose connection to the RAF when at events where a shirt and tie is appropriate.
Part 1
For ex VR(T) officers I have seen some claim the RAF “Regimental” tie, I own an RAFVR tie that was given to me (but I’m cautious to wear) and others say we don’t have a right to either and others say the ATC tie? I would like to wear an appropriate tie as I’m proud of my loose connection to the RAF and ATC.

Part 2
Now we are RAFAC is their a tie either in existence or in progress? This would seem to be an ideal solution IMHO.

Answers to 1 and/or 2 appreciated.

Well, there is that ATC tie which was created and marketed within the Corps as a “WOs & SNCOs” tie.
It is the same stripped design as the regular RAF tie but with the ATC falcon woven in gold.
Frankly, I think that any attempt to keep that for WOs & SNCOs only is a bit pretentious. It would accurately reflect the organization that we are all part of, regardless of our rank.

Then the other question is how limited should be the wearing of the standard RAF tie?
I’ve heard it come up in conversation various times over the years. Some RAF personnel have said that as far as they are concerned, we wear the same uniform as them and are “part of the family”, so why not the same tie?.. Others are far more determined that we have no right to wear it at all.

It’s a contentious area.

I tend to wear my RAFVR tie, especially since they took away my Commission!


If you were a member of the RAFVR, you can wear the tie, it is not confined to current members (Tony Benn wore his a great deal, as a result of war service)

I personally wouldn’t wear the RAF tie, because, as mentioned many times, I’m not in the RAF.

The WO/SNCO tie would be the most appropriate tie for RAFAC. It is in existence and would show that we are all in it together!


RAF tie no. RAFVR(T) commission you can wear the RAFVR tie. Not aware of a current one, but I’m sure someone is selling one somewhere.

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Just had a look at the ATC tie and not what I expected. Plain navy blue with the falcon on it. At least thats what I found when I searched.
I do like the idea of the RAF tie with Falcon on :+1:

The “WO & SNCO” tie was sold at the time by the chaps behind Air Cadet Connect - which became Air Cadet Association.

WWOs were asked to publicise it and collect orders from their Wings.
LASER bought just over 60 ties in total.
Nothing was ever heard of it again.

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I have one

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I wouldn’t wear an RAFVR tie, if I was to wear one it would be the ATC one only.

Think the WO/SNCO one is the best way forward


Shame though as the RAFVR tie was one thing linking officers in the ATC and CCF(RAF). I think we need a RAFAC tie which is non-specific as to ATC or CCF, but I can’t think of a design which works - that was the beauty of the RAFVR one.

Some CCF officers do wear ‘the CCF tie’ (plain, usually blue, with CCF roundels) or, smarter, the CCFA tie (dark blue, thin tricolour stripe, CCF roundels). But now’s not the time to drive another wedge, IMHO.

I’ll ask on Sharepoint (as if RC N has nothing else to do!)

the WO&SNCOs tie

i have one :grin:


I genuinely can’t think of an occasion where I’d ever want to wear one, regardless of whether it’s ATC, RAFVR or some other design.


I would like to wear to show support of the RAFAC and a tie is a great way to start a conversation (if you understand?)
I’ve been tempted at work do’s, christenings, weddings etc and really anywhere a colllar and tie is appropriate

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Get your point hence my initial statement about being cautious to wear.
I think there needs to be something. Whatever that is. You would think there would have been a VR tie with a T on it

i have done exactly this.

I also wear an RBL hat and at such occasions have bene known to wear the tie. I have other events where a tie is appropriate, I have even attended our local RAeS talks with the tie - not looking out of place at those events with the numbers of ex RAF within the audience and of course looking the same but different it gets some attention

Not really the (T) was a Branch within the RAFVR hence why RAFVR was the appropriate tie. The RAF don’t have individual ties for every branch (well except for the Silver Winged Master Race).



This is the only tie I’ll wear, thank you.

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Would never have guessed!:rofl::rofl:


As long as someone else ties it for you, I’m sure :wink: