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A series of posters have been uploaded to RAFAC Key Documents today that we can use to support the return to Face to Face.

Really pleased to see this, glad I found them by chance as I was approaching my stage of creating some posters in my planning.

RAFAC Key Documents > Recovery Planning


Wow nice.

I was considering making some too

Better as word documents then we can amend to our circumstances. But over all another idle hands finding things to do.

What could you possibly need to amend?

We have made and printed and laminated our own already.
These one are pretty good from HQAC, But I do like the set a staff member made for my sqn.

Thank Goodness there is no ruling that we HAVE to use these one’s! Else that would have been wasted effort.

The random capitalisation they seem to have used and the “fill in the blanks” posters.

Capitalisation aside, they’ve been left as blanks for writing on as the numbers could change as guidance evolves. Saves having to re-edit, print and laminate each time!

Seriously? These are useful things. You really need to just get out of this organisation. You have gone beyond jaded with permanent staff and now just have a problem with anything they do.

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I know. I just know of some certain squadrons that like everything to be printed and perfect. Far too much effort imo.

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As @Paracetamol has hinted these are easy enough to do for ourselves without the infernal corporate branding all over it. Print these things in full colour and you end up wasting money on ink, which I finally managed to convince our adj about last year, as he kept saying we needed more cyan.
We made our own signs at work months ago which served the purpose. They were knocked up and printed in minutes, no hint of the company anywhere, just the information required. We’ve since made some for mask wearing. Which some wag has written “me kemo sabe” one on of them.
Why on earth someone in HQAC thought we wouldn’t be able to do this, is beyond me.
Is there one from HQAC (never went to the second page) for keeping doors and windows open at all times and for controlling use of toilets. How many squadrons with a standard hut, Spooner or new style, have stairs or corridors long for more than 2 or 3 paces, let alone pass someone.

You’re a right morale hoover you know. They’ve produced something that looks professional and haven’t made them mandatory to use. You can easily go into MS Word and put “KEEP 2M APART” in size 40 and print it… probably in less time than you have writing that rant.

Summed it up pretty well!

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which is it you want.

if they hadn’t produced anything you’d be complaining that we had to spend the time designing it…

whatever HQAC do it isn’t going to be right in your eyes

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Hang on.
I said their effort was pretty good, but we had already made our own which I am pleased with.

I merely only hope that we arent forced to use theirs. Not because they are bad. But because one of my staff has made the effort and produced good stuff already.

Word is for writing letters. It’s not a graphic design programme.

If you’re really that fussed about being able to type your details in rather than having to go through the arduous and unfairly expectant task of writing them in by hand, then an editable PDF would be the appropriate option.

I’ll lift the ones we made for work and do a couple of new ones. I don’t need the corporate branding.

I love the fact that you are so anti-establishment you are actively making work for yourself. :joy:


Whilst appreciating that the internal covid signage doesn’t need the branding etc, or even be more than

However they do look very nice I don’t understand why anyone would have an issue with these designs, unless you particularly want to have your squadron badge or typed details on it for whatever reason.

On a side note, It would be great if HQAC / Media Services Cranwell would take these designs and turn them into recruitment posters.

Thank you Cranwell.

There are some squadrons out there with limited resources and staff time to produce their own posters, so the ability to hit print and use will help them.


I put the question into Wing after V1 about if signage is being provided.

If it’s mandated, they can provide it. Saves me a job.

We won’t have used the printer for 6 months so a few posters aren’t going to hurt that much.

I’ve just seen on social media that Staffordshire Wing are providing 10 copies of each of the 10 RAFAC posters (100 total) to each unit paid for by the Wing Civ Com.
added link…