Recently returned Adult FS, new to PCS MTP

Hi Guys

I’ve just started back after leaving in about 2014 and have no experience of PCS. I used CS95 DPM when last active.

I’ve made myself familiar with AP1358c in relation to how and what to were.


  • I need brown boots, what are the best equivalent to the old issue black boots?
  • Although ‘barrack’ shirts are allowed, are they going to be phased out of our dress regs do you think?
  • Any good (reasonably priced) suppliers in Kent that have slightly bigger sized waists (about 44")

Thanks in advance, nice to back :wink:

You don’t need black boots, you can still wear your old ones if you’ve got them, but if you want to get some brown Altberg Defenders seem to be the common agreement. Though I’m a rebel and always pick something a bit different.

Barracks shirts are here to stay and so much better than PCS. They ain’t taking mine off me.

Sorry, no idea, Northern monkey here.

And welcome back… You poor fool :rofl:


Not got any of my old greens kit, sadly, or I could still wear it. :frowning:


Black is fine if you want to get black. Anything cheap and basic in “MOD Brown”? Something like the originally issued YDS Kestrel is simple yet good enough for just around the office/Sqn/range. Available cheaply second hand.

No. They were only fairly recently (officially) added and a slightly more pragmatic approach is being taken these days.

No idea about Kent, but check eBay for kit as well.

Try the

They are the retail arm of the official MoD surplus re-seller, Field Textiles.

Cheers Matt :wink:

lol no worries.

Frankly, there are probably no “equivalents” to the old issue boots - In that virtually anything you buy now will be vastly superior. The days of nipping down to the local Army Surplus and picking up a £15 pair of assault boots are gone. The prices can still be very good but you get a lot more for your money these days. There seems to be no end of issue brown boots on eBay for not a lot of cash.

It may always be worth chatting with your friendly storeman too… I’ve seen brand new Altberg given out from stores and I’ve also seen as-new boots in the disposal bins which can be had for the asking if you’ve got the right person on the other side of the counter.

I managed to snag a pair of the Haix “Boots Cold Wet Weather” and they’re quite comfy. To be honest even in the summer I’ve not found them to be too hot (though, I’ve never really been bothered by ‘hot feet’) personally.)

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Yeah, was confused by all the different types and makes! Seems you can get a brand new pair of YDS Kestrel’s for £30

These are great for basic work but offer very little waterproofing.

If you’re on ranges or in the field more consider some better boots.

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You can get some bargains on eBay if you’re prepared to put in a little leg work.
I got a pair of nearly new Iturris for £30 and they’re brilliant.


they are office shoes.

if you’re going to wear them anywhere outside the office, get something else.

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Whatever is cheapest. The old issue black boots were rubbush. I’d upgrade if I were you!

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Are these any good do you think?

I’ve had Haix, they’re good boots. I’d just be a little cautious about the condition.
Having said that, they look in good nick.

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Tell us what you want to do in them first…

The following brands are decent quality - Haix, Alt-berg, Lowa, Aku, Meindl, Iturri - how suitable any pair of particular boots are will depend on whether they fit you and what you want to do in them.

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I have a pair of these. A little weighty, but waterproof and sturdy. Decent pair of insoles and you’re ready for almost anything, but long distance on tarmac… Wouldn’t recommend it.

Will be mostly on range, on Sqn and ‘light’ AT work

Wouldn’t be silly enough do any kind of long distance tarmac! :wink:

Akus are the best “light” boot IMO. You could also consider the Altberg sneeker or whatever the Lowa equivalent is. Haix are good boots, but definitely more of a hardworking field boot than something to lounge around in at the unit. Altberg defenders / combat high liability are a good all rounder.