Rank question

I’m trying to revise ranks for an up and coming corporal selection test and got stuck on the rank abbreviation of WATTO, anyone know this one? Thanks Josh

Wing Adventure Training Technical Officer

Thank you

As @AlexCorbin says.

I would add that this is an abbreviation for a Wing APPOINTMENT.
It can be held by any rank.

Good luck with the test.


Just as a minor point, but one that I know I would like my Cpls to be aware of…

WATTO isn’t a “rank”, but an appointment. Someone could be a Sqn Ldr in rank and hold the appointment of WATTO. Or they may be a FS and hold the appointment, etc.

…and Para beat me to it.


Noticed this was missing from The Wiki, so I’ve added it, but there’s a whole load of acronyms over at RAFAC Abbreviations.