RAFAC Abbreviations



A List of abbreviations used in the RAFAC Organisation

AAFC- Australian Air Force Cadets (RAAF)
ACF - Army Cadet Force
ACO - Air Cadet Organisation - now defunct, but may well still be seen in places
ACLC - Air Cadet Leadership Course
ACLO - Air Cadet Liaison Officer
ACP - Air Cadet Publication
AO - Admin Order
AP - Air Publication
APO - Acting Pilot Officer [RAFAC & RAFVR(UAS)]
JSP - Joint Service Publication
ACTO - Air Cadet Training Order
ACATI - Air Cadet Adventure Training Instruction
ACFTI - Air Cadet Fieldcraft Traning Instruction
ACPEDTI - Air Cadet Physical Education Training Instuction
AEF - Air Experience Flight (or Air Experience Flying)
AFI - Annual Formal Inspection
ATC - Air Training Corps
BEL - Basic Expedition Leader
CCF - Combined Cadet Force
CFAV - Cadet Force Adult Volunteer
Cpl - Corporal
CWA - Climbing Wall Award
CWAA - Climbing Wall Absail Award
CWLA- Climbing Wall Leading Award
CWO - Cadet Warrant Officer
ELA - Entry Level Award (Health and Safety)
Flt Lt - Flight Lieutenant
Fg Off - Flying Officer
FS - Flight Sergeant
FOD - Foreign Object Debris/Damage
FTS - Flying Training School
Gp Capt - Group Captain
HML - Hill and Mooreland Leader
HS&E - Health, Safety and Environment
HQAC - Headquarters Air Cadets
IACE - International Air Cadet Exchange
IBN - Internal Briefing Note
IWT - Initial Weapons Training
JI - Joining Instructions
JL - Junior Leader(s)
LLA - Lowland Leader Award
ML - Mountain Leader
NIBAS - National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme
NICAS - National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme
NNAS - National Navigation Award Scheme
OC - Officer Commanding
PiPE - Participation in a Public Event
Plt Off - Pilot Officer
PME - Public Military Event
QAIC - Qualified Aerospace Instructor Cadet
RA - Risk Assessment
RAMS - Risk Assessment & Method Statement
RAF - Royal Air Force
RAFA - Royal Air Forces’ Association
RAFAC - Royal Air Force Air Cadets (term replaces ACO)
RAFBF - Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
RAFC - Royal Air Force College (Cranwell)
RAFFT - Royal Air Force Fitness Test
RAFR - Royal Air Force Reserve
RAFVR(T) - Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training) - now reduced in size
RAuxAF - Royal Auxiliary Air Force
RCAC - Royal Canadian Air Cadets
RCO - Range Conducting Officer
SCC - Sea Cadet Corps
Sgt - Sergeant
SLG - Self-Launching Glider
SME - Subject Matter Expert
SPA - Single Pitch Award
Sqn Ldr - Squadron Leader
SQEP - Suitably Qualified Experienced Person
VGS - Volunteer Glider Squadron
VR(T) - Short form of RAFVR(T)
Wg Cdr - Wing Commander
WHT - Weapons Handling Test
WO - Warrant Officer

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